Guest Artists

There is so much exciting music being played all over the UK that here at Art of Jazz we're featuring the work of guest artists to run alongside our usual London centric fare . Find out a little more about them below.

Poet Kevin Acott
Kevin Acott
Kevin is a published poet who supports Spurs, loves Trieste, eats cheese, listens to Motown, stares lovingly at Victorian architecture and drinks the occasional whiskey. Born in Edmonton, he spent most of his adult life in Surrey with his nose pressed up against London’s window, before finally breaking in and making it as far as Streatham. He is well known on the blogging circuit for his witty and heartfelt reflections on poetry, short stories and music reviews at Something About England.

Mike Russell
Mike is an artist and author living in Brighton and Hove. He is currently creating an exciting small publishing company which will be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public in 2015 and will reside here: so watch that space! 

Naomi Hart
Naomi Hart
Naomi is currently based in Devon, having lived and worked in Africa, Canada and mainland Europe.  She has exhibited in Great Britain, France and Canada and has work in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Scotland and in private collections around the world.
Most ofher work is concerned with the natural environment, and more recently, human interaction with it.

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