Sunday, 20 May 2018

Geoff Berner - Canadiana Grotesquica

Geoff Berner

Date: 16th May 2018
Venue: A World in London, Resonance FM, Borough, London, UK
Current album: Canadiana Grotesquica (Coax Records 2017)

Another Suitcase Another Hall with satirical punk poet/accordionist Geoff Berner on this A World in London!

When we spotted Geoff Berner’s suitcase in the corridor at Resonance FM our first suspicion was that our guest might be staying overnight, but as he explained later, our show was the rather tasty filling sandwiched between gigs in Wales and Brighton. That’s life on the road for you, and with Geoff it’s songs in the key of life with the soul of klezmer and the pogo of punk. His accordion is his melodic partner in wondrous wordplay around insightful and astute observations on the world social order – ‘’my mind absorbs music through the lyrics before my body feels it.’’ On this AWIL you’ll hear from Geoff’s new album Canadiana Grotesquica, plus freshly improvised material conjured up in our studio, highlighting his sharp-witted skills as a songwriter. Geoff also has a unique ability to connect with the many us that are not in the 1% club of financial elites, so that we’re all rooting for revolution, and for once, really are ‘all in this together’.                                                   

Geoff Berner
16/5/18 – AWIL 166  Online: Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, and sketches by Alban Low. This week on SOAS Radio Eugenia Georgieva.
Next week Marcus Corbett at SOAS and Kal Lavelle at Resonance. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio   

Friday, 18 May 2018

Steve Williamson Trio & StringTing

Steve Williamson Trio
Steve Williamson Trio
String Ting

Date: 11th May 2018
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, Southbank, London, UK

The enigmatic and magnetic saxophonist/composer, Steve Williamson explores the sonic elements that link contemporary classical and progressive jazz composition with his trio and members of Tomorrow’s Warriors StringTing. (Part of Ligeti In Wonderland.)

Steve Williamson (born 28 June 1964) is an English saxophonist and composer.(tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, keyboard and composition). He has been called "one of the most distinctive saxophone voices in contemporary British jazz". Born in west London to Jamaican parents, Steve Williamson began playing saxophone at the age of 16 and started his career playing in reggae bands, including Misty in Roots. In 1984 and 1985 he studied at London's Guildhall School of Music, where he was tutored by Lionel Grigson. Williamson was a member of the noted collective of British-born black jazz musicians who came together as the Jazz Warriors in the mid-1980s. At the Nelson Mandela 70th birthday open-air festival in 1988 Williamson played alongside Courtney Pine in Wembley Stadium and afterwards was a constant presence at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. He was member of Louis Moholo's Viva La Black (1988) and of Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath (1990). During the 1990s he led his own band and appeared in projects of Iain Ballamy, Maceo Parker, Bheki Mseleku, US3, and Graham Haynes. In 1990 Williamson released his first album A Waltz for Grace with Verve, featuring vocalist Abbey Lincoln. In 1992 he released his second album, Rhyme Time, followed by Journey to Truth in 1994, featuring Cassandra Wilson.

Tomorrow’s Warriors StringTing is the latest addition to the Tomorrow’s Warriors family of flagship ensembles and is focused around some of our best young string players drawn from our JazzStrings development programme. Members of Tomorrow’s Warriors StringTing meet on a regular basis with their mentor – jazz double bassist and Tomorrow’s Warriors artistic director, Gary Crosby OBE – to work on a wide range of jazz repertoire for performance in a variety of settings, from public concerts and showcases to private functions.  In addition to performances as a distinct ensemble, members also have opportunities to work with our associated professional ensembles, such as Nu Civilisation Orchestra and Jazz Jamaica All Stars.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Oysland - Vundervelt

John Macnaughton

Lori Secanska - vocals
Olga Baron - violin
John Macnaughton - clarinet
Iakovos Loukas - guitar
Twm Dylan - bass
David Tappeser - drums
Karen Yarnell - percussion

David Tappeser
Date: 2nd May 2018
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album: Vundervelt (2016)

Iakovos Loukas
Future performance
Sunday 6th May 2018 - The Oval Tavern, Croydon, UK
Saturday 19th May 2018  - The Step, 101 Myddleton Rd, London 

Olga Baron
Klezmer rock n’ roots with Oysland on this A World in London!

Lori Secanska
We last spoke to Oysland a year ago when they released their brilliant debut album Vundervelt, recorded in a Walthamstow shed over just one weekend with LKQ producer Rupert Gillett. Since then the Oyslandics have been touring everywhere taking their infectious sounds to weddings, bar mitzvahs, and taverns across the UK, but their mission has changed. On this show you’ll hear Oysland talk about their intense research into the origins of Klezmer music, why the genre is so important, and about the years lost to the Holocaust, the Nazis, and forced migration. It’s sobering information but adds compelling depth & authenticity to what Oysland play, and why. This is an essential AWIL  session to listen to so tune in online anytime, and rest assured that a new Oysland album is on its way too!! See them at the Oval Tavern Croydon May 6th and at The Step N22 on May 19th!
Karen Yarnell
2/5/18 – AWIL 164  Online: Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling,  and sketches by Alban Low. This week on SOAS Radio Branco Stoysin. Click:  Next week Daemonia Nymphe  at SOAS and David Nissen at Resonance. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 
Twm Dylan

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Happy Beigel Klezmer Orkester - Mouthwatering Music

Gergely Bándi
Gergely Bándi - guitar
Peter Rayner - percussion
Jack Banjo-Courtney - trumpet
Gustavo Clayton-Marucci - clarinet
Chun-Ting Wang - double bass
Georgia Ellery - violin, vocals

Date: 25th April 2018
Venue: A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Gustavo Clayton-Marucci
Future performance
May 5th 2018 - Wembley Stadium, Women's FA Cup final
May 25th 2018 - Luna, Leytonstone, London, UK
26th May 2018 - The Railway Tavern, Tulse Hill, London, UK

Mouthwatering music by Happy Beigel Klezmer Orkester on this A World in London!

Jack Banjo-Courtney
Brick Lane, beigels, smoked salmon & cream cheese are synonymous with the feel-good factor, but think again and re-educate your palette with The Happy Beigel Klezmer Orkester! This ultra-talented student band serves up a delicious menu of  Jewish folk music, topped with jazz, and gleaned from far Eastern corners of Europe on their debut album, recorded at the Guildhall School of Music. Savour a taste of ‘The Beigelz’ on this AWIL, with masterchefs Gergely Bándi on guitar, percussionist Peter Rayner, Jack Banjo-Courtney on trumpet, and clarinettist Gustavo Clayton-Marucci. See the full 6-piece line-up including Georgia Ellery and Chun-Ting Wang at Wembley Stadium on May 5th supporting the England Women’s Football Team, and at The Railway Tavern on May 26th. Eating music doesn’t get any happier than this!
Peter Rayner
25/4/18 – AWIL 163  Online: Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling,  and sketches by Alban Low. This week on SOAS Radio – DJ/journalist Jamie Renton. Click:  Next week Serbian guitar maestro/composer Branco Stoysin at SOAS and klezmatic Londoners Oysland at Resonance. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TWELFTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 

Monday, 23 April 2018

Namvula - A World in London

Namvula Rennie - vocals and guitar

Date: 18th April 2018
Venue: A World In London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current Album - Quiet Revolutions (2017)

Future performance
18 May 2018 - Winerborne Stickland Hall, UK
19 May 2018 - Broadmayne Hall, UK
25 May 2018 - BBC Biggest Weekend, Perth, Australia
9 June 2018 - Balabam, London, UK
28 July 2018 - Manchester Jazz Festival, UK

Click to Listen to Namvula on A World In London with DJ Norman Druker -

DJ Norman Druker
Namvula Rennie is a cool, thoughtful singer-songwriter whose distinctive fusion style reflects her history. Born in Zambia, with a Zambian mother and Scottish father, she lived in Kenya, Switzerland and the US before settling in London, while taking regular trips back to Africa. Her second album, Quiet Revolutions, shows how she has developed as a confident, soulful performer who can switch effortlessly between from African and European influences. Namvula sings in a bewildering variety of languages, and the lyrics and translations are worth checking out online at

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Son Yambu - A World in London

Alberto 'Muziquito' Savigne
Son Yambu
Dunia Correa - vocals
Frank Portuondo Ortiz - trés
Rene 'Menique' Savigne - percussion
Javier Fioramonti - bass
Toby Herschmann - percussion
Alberto 'Muziquito' Savigne - trumpet

Date: 11th April 2018
Venue: A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album - La Maravilla (2012)

Rene 'Menique' Savigne
Future performance 2018
21st April: Etchingham Village Hall
26th April: Broadwell Green, Glos
5th May: Century Club, London
1st June: Jazz Cafe
2nd June: Devizes Carnival
9th June: Subscription Rooms, Stroud.
23rd June: The Stables, Milton Keynes
11th July: Lichfield Festival
12th July: Henley Festival
15th July: Hampstead Heath
10th August: Chilly Festival
2nd September: Norden Farm Arts Centre
22nd September: The Theatre, Chipping Norton

A World In London (AWIL) saw a Sophie Darling take-over, as DJ Ritu and the AWIL team are spread across the world.

Frank Portuondo Ortiz
A high energy performance from Afro-Cuban London based SON band: Son Yambu.

Son Yambu play SON music: the fusion of Spanish and African rhythms that together, many years ago in the Oriente Province of Cuba, came together to form the very bread and butter of the world’s latin music scene today. It is the predecessor to salsa, to rhumba, to latina… we are speaking about … son Cubano! (of course!).

Dunia Correa
Created in the depths of Eastern Cuba in the mid-19th century, son music arose from the thousands of African slaves who were forced to work in the sugar cane fields in Cuba. Here they continued their African musical traditions, playing their rhythms in their communities, and fusing it with the hispanics who were also enslaved on the island. From this melting pot of cultures and rhythms sprung the birth of son. Then came the explosion of this characteristically Cuban music, followed later by the Buena Vista Social Club popularising Cuban music, placing it on the “world-music” map and into the spotlight. It’s an influential music which has hit every part of the globe.

Javier Fioramonti
On this AWIL we have London’s finest son band accompanying us in the Resonance studio. Toby playing Timbales and cowbells, the Savinge cousins on congas and trumpet, Frank on tres, Javier on bass and Dunia on vocals and güiro were all packed into the resonance studio. We on AWIL were treated to some new tracks from their up-coming, as yet, untitled album.

Toby Herschmann
Son Yambu formed in 2011 with the debut album ‘La Maravilla’ which was released in 2012. After this they toured profusely playing all manner of festivals and concerts throughout the world, and a short seven years after their inception, they returned to London to record their second album. On AWIL Son Yambu talk us through the structural and historical elements to the infamous SON genre. They tell us about playing concerts in our capital city of London and of the Latin and Cuban communities of which they find themselves a part. From the bomba to the timba, the rhumba to the son, we explore a musical madness that’s infectiously happy….and irresistibly danceable.

Helen Anahita Wilson - Bhooma

Helen Anahita Wilson
Helen Anahita Wilson
presented by 7 Star Arts

Date: 10th April 2018
Venue: The Jazz Room at The Bull's Head, Barnes, UK

Forthcoming 7 Star Arts events
20th May 2018 - Lost in Love with Natasha Hardy at The Jazz Room, The Bull's Head, Barnes
2nd June 2018 - Chekhov's Grand Piano at Craxton Studios NW3
26th June 2018 - Liam Stevens Trio at The Jazz Room, The Bull's Head, Barnes

Helen Anahita Wilson flooded The Bull's Head, Barnes with music that softened every fibre of the legendary jazz venue. A world of hard bop and bold brass was swept away in a night of candlelit discoveries. Flickering smiles danced across the faces in the crowd for it was a performance of sensitivity that encouraged a sense of beauty and reflection. Wilson repertoire included music by Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Stephen Montague, Peter Feuchtwanger and Helen Anahita herself.

"I make late night, low light that is rich and sensual....intimate and tender also."

Helen Anahita Wilson
Helen Anahita Wilson is a pianist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical explorer based in Brighton, UK and performing multi-sensory, post-genre concerts across the world. She likes to build and sculpt sonic space. And I like to colour it, be it by flooding space with sound and resonance or just by hearing one tiny drop of the most delicate beauty being suspended.

In exploring music from across the world Wilson draws inspiration from many Asian traditions, from jazz and from her own background as a Western classical musician. She have performed at major venues and festivals across the world and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. She studied performance and composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Guildhall School of Music and Drama London, the University of Sussex and SOAS, University of London. 

My debut solo album 'BHOOMA' is due for release in 2018.