Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Lokkhi Terra - A World In London

Sohini Alam

Kishon Khan - piano
Sohini Alam - vocals
Javier Camilo - guitar / vocals

29th January 2020
A World in London, Resonance FM, UK

Kishon Khan
Quintessentially London - Lokkhi Terra on A World in London! Click: https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/a-world-in-london-29th-january-2020/ 

We first interviewed Lokkhi Terra over a decade ago when AWIL was based at BBC London and the band was relatively new. Last year they supported the Bangladeshi Cricket Team during the ICC World Cup, performed at numerous festivals, and consolidated their long-time collaboration with Afrobeat don Dele Sosimi through the fantastic Cubafrobeat album. In this AWIL session, Lokkhi Terra were represented  by band-founder & keyboard wizard Kishon Khan, divine vocalist Sohini Alam (also of Khiyo and GRRRL fame), and Cuban guitar legend Javier Camilo. Together they delivered an exclusive & electrifying preview - steeped in virtuosity - of their forthcoming album, CuBangla. Lokkhi Terra’s influences reflect the unique diversity of our capital, combining jazz, reggae, Sufi music, Bangladeshi folk songs & lyrics, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and everything in between! ‘We play pure forms of music authentically’, explains Kishon. Born in Bangladesh, Kishon grew up in London before moving to Havana in the 90’s, seeking out the history, politics & innocence of Castro’s Cuba. Britishness and Asianness were already in Kishon’s musical DNA, and he gradually added the African/Spanish dimensions, absorbing each city he visited as his musical university. ‘Every city has its own musical identity and most musicians resonate with it.’ An outstanding pianist, Kishon was invited to perform at Cuba’s very first reggae festival in 1996, curated by Rita Marley. He was paid for gigs in bottles of rum and biscuits, before eventually returning to London which was revelling in the explosion of new musical trends like Drum n’Bass, Acid Jazz, and the Asian Underground scene.
Javier Camilo
Kishon set up Lokkhi Terra in 2006, building upon his global experiences and forging bonds with like-minded musicians based here. Acclaimed albums followed: Che Guava's Rickshaw Diaries and No Visa Required. The band boasts an international line up that includes trombone titan Justin Thurgur, Turkish percussionist Tansay Omar, and four Cuban members including Javier Camilo, who underlines the unlikely Cuba-Bangla link by saying 'Quien no tiene de Cuba tiene de Bangladesh!'
Lokkhi Terra’s modus operandi is sharing - music, cultures, food, and languages - and finding the sweet spots of harmony and dissonance between everything, but most of all this band’s heart beats in time with London. CuBangla is out on Funkiwala Records later this year but catch Lokkhi Terra in full 14-piece glory at The Jazz Café on March 2nd!

Tanbir Johal
Lokkhi Terra is a London-based world music collective. Their music combines Bangladeshi folk tunes with Afro-beat and Cuban rumba. Established by pianist Kishon Khan, the band played its first gig at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall in 2006. They have performed at numerous venues since then, including WOMAD, Ronnie Scott's, Barbican Centre and the opening ceremony of the South Asian Games. Lokkhi Terra have released two albums to date: No Visa Required and Che Guava's Rickshaw Diaries.

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Chiarello, Preston and Mudge - Jazz at the Fox

Bill Mudge
Gianni Chiarello - guitar
Bill Mudge - organ
Richard Preston - drums

23rd January 2020
Jazz on Toast, The Fox, Twickenham, UK

Jazz on Toast is a relatively new staple for jazz fans in South West London. An informal gathering of maverick musicians, usually with a house band of three players, and a wild card guest thrown in. An opening set of an hour (8.30-9.30pm) gives way to an open jam session for whatever remains of the night (10pm+). The night opened in October 2017 with Tom Ridout (saxophone),  Mike Redfern (guitar), Matt Gedrych (bass) and Jack Yardley (drums). It is testament to this night that it continues to flourish in 2020. Other Jazz Jams have flared to life and died during the two and half years that Jazz on Toast has been alive in Twickenham. Like the infamous Grey Horse Jazz Jam (Kingston) that burned so brightly in the late 2000s and early 2010s the core of musicians that play are young or brim with a latent talent.

Local guitar hero Gianni Chiarello has gained a reputation as an extremely versatile musician, having professional credits as a guitarist, bassist, arranger and producer. His style is a preconception-free mix of jazz, rock, blues, funk and modern harmony. A Native of Italy, took up the guitar at age 8, inspired by blues/rock players. In his forming years he performed with some of his country’s finest musicians, always keen to develop different musical styles. In 1999 he moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, on a scholarship program, where he gained a degree. 

Hammond organ specialist Bill Mudge has been part of the London scene since 2010. His debut album, Skylight, is a thing of beauty, and although hard to find is well worth tracking down. A Renaissance man of considerable talents Mudge remains one of the brightest sparks of the London Arts scene. 
See his photography here - https://www.billmudge.co.uk/ 
and listen to some of his music with Toy Rokit  https://toyrokit.bandcamp.com/ 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Peter Jones at Twickenham Jazz Club

Leon Greening
Peter Jones - vocals
Kelvin Christiane - saxophone
Leon Greening - piano
Andy Cleyndert - bass
Sophie Alloway - drums

Kelvin Christiane
14th January 2020
Twickenham Jazz Club, Twickenham, UK

Sophie Alloway
Lesley and Kelvin Christiane ushered in the new jazz decade at Twickenham Jazz Club with the Peter Jones Quartet. 2020 here we come!

Peter Jones
Peter Jones has taught film and media at a variety of London colleges, and published a short book on black cinema (BFI Publishing), followed by a handbook for media and film students (Hodder Arnold). During the making of his first album (`One Way Ticket to Palookaville' - 2013) he developed a serious interest in the work of Mark Murphy. In 2018 he published This is Hip, an outstanding book on the life and music of Mark Murphy. His second album (`Utopia') was released in 2016.  

Andy Cleyndert

Friday, 10 January 2020

Joe Browne - Waitrose Kings Cross

Joe Browne
Joe Browne - saxophone
John Williamson - bass
Mat Skeaping - drums

Waitrose, Granary Square, Kings Cross, London

9th January 2020

John Williamson - bass

Customers at Waitrose Kings Cross are treated to a free jazz concert every Thursday night. The London Granary Square store is part of a recent re-development of the area next to the Regent’s Canal. The store (a converted railway engine-shed) is a meeting point for listeners warming up their evening with a cheeky Chablis or fiery Barbera before reaching out into London's nightlife.

Mat Skeaping
Joe Browne is a saxophonist, composer and educator based in London. After completing a degree in Music and English, he continued to study jazz saxophone as a postgraduate at Birmingham Conservatoire and Berklee College of Music in Boston. During this period he was lucky enough to learn from some great saxophone players on both sides of the Atlantic, including Julian Siegel, Jean Toussaint and Joe Lovano.  On returning from the US he settled in London where he now works as a musician and educator. As well as a healthy schedule as a sideman in various jazz, pop and classical ensembles, his own group, Last Summer’s Tealights, can regularly be heard at venues across London and beyond.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Mike De Souza - Slow Burn at Heart

Mike De Souza
Mike De Souza - guitar
Huw V Williams - bass
Jay Davis - drums

16th November 2019
Jazz at Heart, Headingley, Leeds

Jay Davis
The Mike De Souza Trio features three of the most exciting and distinctive rising stars from the UK's vibrant jazz scene, guitarist Mike De Souza, drummer Jay Davis and bassist Huw V Williams. Jay and Mike first met as students at Leeds College of Music in 2009, but their musical alliance only began to take shape when they took their studies further on the Masters course at the Royal Academy of Music in 2012. Having released the 3-track EP ‘Road Fork’ in December 2018, the trio are now on tour around the UK to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Slow Burn’.

De Souza infuses sounds and themes inspired by alternative-rock bands such as Radiohead and Deerhoof, with the traditional Jazz-Guitar-Trio line-up, as established by jazz greats such as Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Huw V Williams
Since running their first jam session in February 2011, Jazz at Heart has run a year-round series of events which include gigs, workshops and jam sessions. Run by Lesley Jeffries and a small team of helpers, and based at the community-run HEART centre it has become an integral part of the Leeds jazz scene. https://www.heartcentre.org.uk/event/jazz-heart/all/

Next gig at Jazz at Heart is the Matt Anderson Quartet - 14th December 2019

Monday, 18 November 2019

EYOT - Real World Studios

Dejan Ilijić
Dejan Ilijić – piano
Slađan Milenović – guitar
Miloš Vojvodić – drums
Marko Stojiljković – bass

11th November 2019
Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire, UK

Slađan Milenović
Balkan ambient jazz quartet EYOT were back in the studio last week to record a new album under the guidance of producer Jim Barr (Get The Blessing / Portishead). This will be their fifth album after the successes of Horizon (2010), Drifters (2013), Similarity (2014) and Innate (2017).

Miloš Vojvodić
Under the leadership of pianist and composer Dejan Ilijić (brother of the free spirited experimental artist and performer Alen Ilijić) EYOT spent two days at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios before heading to a secret studio location to add the final brushstrokes to their new work. They finished off their week with a live performance at The Exchange in Bristol alongside Get The Blessing. Review here on B24/7.

Marko Stojiljković
The Serbian band from Nis are no strangers to UK shores after appearing at the Jazz Cafe, Camden in 2014. Yet it was a curious welcome party for the globetrotting musicians as they navigated the FA Cup fans of local football Chippenham Town before reaching the safety of Real World Studios a few miles away in Box. The first tune to be recorded was Savanna or Savannah and what followed was an epic journey over two days through another six compositions. EYOT's music has always referenced nature, an expansive sound with wide horizons and knotted woods to catch the mind. As Jim Barr, Olli Jacobs (sound engineer) and myself heard the first notes of this album take root we looked out onto the rampant autumnal colours in the garden beyond.

Jim Barr

Monday, 4 November 2019

Nadine Benjamin & Nicole Panizza - Emergence

Nadine Benjamin

Nadine Benjamin
Nicole Panizza

Listen here  https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/a-world-in-london-30th-october-2019/

It was a privilege to welcome back super soprano Nadine Benjamin and her partner-in-rhyme, pianist Nicole Panizza! Together, the pair have crafted a new album illuminating the works of nineteenth century American poet Emily Dickinson and it's a beaut! 'Emergence' is a complex album in many ways. Firstly because of its central muse, Emily Dickinson, and her own multifaceted, connected yet disconnected story of empathy with nature and humanity, yet latter years spent in solitude. Nicole and Nadine identify with Emily on many levels and applaud her as ‘a voice for what it means to be human.’ They describe their own reclusive periods required to enable the creative process, counterpointed with performances in front of huge audiences. Secondly, Emergence features a surrounding cast of five composers plus our two intrepid interpreters - Nadine and Nicole, not to mention studio engineers and various technical bods. A lot goes on behind the scenes in the making of most music and some of that is explained in this interview. Nadine and Nicole shed light on their process of releasing Emergence - raising funds, engaging sponsors and supporters, steering the PR campaign, but finding freedom and liberating self-determination along the way. As Nicole says, ‘The power of creating your dream.’

Nicole Panizza
The synchronicity between Nicole and Nadine is apparent, and since they formed a partnership two years ago, it's blossomed into Emergence Music. Nicole has the piano, her classical music credentials, plus a scholarly lust for in-depth research into her subject matter. Nadine has that rare & incredible voice  plus unique charisma that can shift mountains and hearts. She has no classical music training yet has forged a path into the upper echelons of the opera world from her council estate background. Whilst we were both working in Greece in September, I saw Nadine move people to tears with her singing, and witnessed her powerful voice fill the sky in a large open-air theatre, unamplified by a microphone. People relate to Nadine because 'she's one of us', bringing ‘opera to the masses’, and she affirms this by describing herself as a people's person.
Emergence is out now on Stone Records and Nadine & Nicole will be launching it at a concert near you soon, but meanwhile catch them on Dec 1st at Blackheath Halls at what they refer to as 'just a performance'. It'll be way more than that, and well worth emerging for at 11am on a Sunday morning!

Also on this show, tracks by Brazilian choro masters Alvorada Music & young Hackney soul-jazz band Kiki and the Tiger. Production & pics by Norman Druker, artist Alban Low, Sophie Darling, and DJ Ritu. Sound by Patrick Bernard and Resonance 104.4fm.
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