Monday, 23 October 2017

Blurt - Pagan Strings Restrung

Ted Milton
Ted Milton - voice, saxophone, performance
Chris Vine - guitar (+ voice)
Paul Wigens - drums (+ voice)

Date - 18th October 2017
Venue - Iklectik Art Lab, London, UK

Current album - Live at Oto (Salamander Records, 2016)

BLURT recorded the Pagan Strings album in Ulm, Southern Germany, in ’92, at the end of a thirty consecutive dates tour. Ted Milton played sax and vocalised. On guitar was Chris Vine, who was with the band from ’90 to ’95, and Paul Wigens, Blurt drummer from ’85 to ’98. Some twenty years later the original line-up reformed to play this one-off Pagan Strings Concert.  Milton also performed “Molecule” – a short performance piece, and recited poems from the recently published Milton Text Book.

Ted Milton
Ted Milton once described himself as "a tone-deaf musician" and at the end of a sax-part during a Blurt gig in Antwerp he proclaimed with a broad smile: "Oh, why don't I just take some lessons?" All this to say Ted doesn't see himself as a ground-breaking nor virtuoso sax player. However, when in good form his instrument becomes an extension of his body and wonderful sonic landscapes enfold. 

Paul Wigens
Paul Wigens joined Blurt in 1986 after Jake Milton left. He can be heard first time on the "Poppycock" album. Paul is a human metronome, taking his musicianship very serious. He studied with American jazz drummer CLIFFORD JARVIS (Sun Ra/Archie Shepp/Pharoah Saunders) in the mid nineties. He has played with the groups Grand Drive (Sony/BMG), The Blue Aeroplanes and Cousteau and mosy recently with Eyebrow. As musician and composer with Cardiff-based physical theatre company Earthfall, he worked on the shows Forever and Ever, Fabulous Wounds, Rococco Blood and Bakkus and the BAFTA-winning short film Too Old to Dream.

Chris Vine
Chris Vine replaced Steve Eagles in 1990 to record the "Pagan Strings" album. Before he had lived in the U.S.A. and played in The Scientific Americans and with a.o. Eliott Sharp. Chris changed the sound of Blurt trough his fingerpicking guitar style, using a thumb pick to accentuate the low notes or to strum the strings very hard. He also made frequent use of an electro-harmonix analog delay and octaver-effects. Chris now spends his time between the UK and Brazil and writes music for theatre and dance companies.

Friday, 20 October 2017

DJ Vix - Turntablist Mixmaster

DJ Vix

Date - 18th October 2017
Venue - A World In London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Current album - Chapter V (2015)

Mixmaster DJ Vix on this A World in London!
Click to lisyen:

All turntablists working with Bhangra music will have productions by DJ Vix in their library. He’s the most sought-after remixer on the British-Asian scene – the Desi equivalent of David Guetta - and has added essential beats & breaks to songs by vocal giants like Jay Sean, Sukshinder Shinda, and Jassi Sidhu. Vix is often out with his Dhol n Bass Roadshow, but I found him recently when we were both brought in to spin an ‘old skool’ set for the BBC Asian Network. On this AWIL catch Vix in the mix, live on the CDJs, and hear about his rise to fame from East London roots to international stardom! 

18/10/17 – AWIL at Res 140  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling & sketches by Alban Low. Also this week a Pete Lockett at SOAS Radio. Next week Addictive TV at SOAS & Cleveland Watkiss at Resonance!  #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mark Sullivan - Slip Into Your Head

Mark Sullivan

Date - 13th October 2017
Venue - Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK

Current Single - Slip Into Your Head (October 2017)

Future performance
25/10/2017 - LEEDS, PACKHORSE


Mark Sullivan has crafted his art on the road with hundreds of shows that include all the expected stages for such a troubadour plus incredible experiences such as opening at Wembley Arena, performing at The Houses Of Parliament, the US ambassadors private London residence and receiving an award from Rick Wakeman.

Sullivan is now set to embark upon a UK tour ‘In The Round’ this October with Radio 2 and Country To Country festival favourites Emma Stevens & Megan O Neill plus USA’s James Fredholm making his UK debut. “Slip Into Your Head” is the highly anticipated new single by Mark Sullivan.  This earthy slice of sincerity holds the potential to skyrocket Sullivan to the pinnacle of the acoustic indie folk listener’s radar and begs the question of how far this astonishing artist can go. 

Megan O'Neill - Why I Need You

Megan O'Neill

Date - 13th October 2017
Venue - Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK
Current Single - Why I Need You (2017)

Future performance
21/10/2017 -  Bilston (UK), British Country Music Awards 2017
25/10/2017 - LEEDS, PACKHORSE
21/01/2018 - Green Note, London

Irish-born singer/songwriter Megan O’Neill is one of the most exciting Americana artists on the UK - Irish scene. A long-time musician and song-writer, Megan has previously lived in Nashville but now resides full time in London. 

She released her debut EP ‘Coming Home’ in May 2015, reaching #1 in Irish country charts & was awarded ‘UK EP of the Year’ (W21Music). In February 2017, Megan released a second record with her band ‘The Common Threads’ titled ‘Stories to Tell’ which was recorded at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios with the legendary Guy Fletcher (Dire Straits, Roxy Music, Mark Knopfler) producing. 

2017 has seen Megan selected as one of the top 8 Americana songwriter’s in the UK, a performance at the Americana Music Awards in London and touring Ireland, America and the UK, sharing stages with such artists as Miranda Lambert, Kip Moore, Nathan Carter, Donna Taggart and Victoria Shaw. She’s also spent this year writing and recording her debut solo album. The first single (‘Why I Need You’) is due for release in October 2017 and the full album set for release early 2018.

James Fredholm - The poet uncaged

James Fredholm

Date - 13th October 2017
Venue - Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK
New poetry publication - Uncaged (2017)
Current Single - Oars (2017)

Future performance
25/10/2017 - LEEDS, PACKHORSE

Born and raised in Austin Texas, James Fredholm first discovered his passion for music through the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Johnson.  His inspiration has been drawn from his complicated life, coloured by the cultures of Texas, London and Zurich – not forgetting his time in the army and above all experiences of love.

Growing up in vibrant music scene of Austin, Texas in the 1970’s was a defining moment for me. I got my first guitar at 14 and couldn’t put it down, it just felt right, it was in my blood. Through those years I was a regular at the music clubs, so many known and unknown talents to absorb, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Christopher Cross and the whole alternative rock and country scenes. I was playing in an acoustic trio and we made a little bit of a name for ourselves writing and recording jingles for local businesses. It was always a passion, despite my fears and insecurities’’.
His music is best described as emotional and arrestingly honest, from the heart. He brings a unique perspective, which together with his 1968 J50 Gibson acoustic guitar and harmonica delivers an intimate, edgy sweetness that gets easily under the skin.

Fredholm describes himself as a poet first, then musician, many songs of the forthcoming album ‘Love Is The Answer’ taking their first steps in his book of poetry ‘Uncaged’.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Adam Blake - Portobello Blues

Adam Blake - guitar

Date - 11th October 2017
Venue - A World In London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Current album - Portobello Blues (2017)

Portobello Blues with magnificent musician Adam Blake on this A World in London!
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On the corner of Portobello Market and Elgin Road, you’ll find Adam Blake busking Blues of every kind. The works of Blind Willie Johnson and Lightnin’ Hopkins are revived through Adam’s excellent voice and intricate guitar moves, transforming this trendy part of West London into some kind of Mississippi delta. He’s also collaborated with amazing peers like Natacha Atlas, Errol Linton, and Cornershop, enhancing their live sets & album recordings with a brimful of fret styles, on bass & sitar. On Facebook, Adam is a sensitive, thoughtful character that’s modest about his career history, and dazzling ability. But in our studio on A World in london, there was no place to hide his true & bountiful talents. Listen in for some fingerpickin’ good, and reach out to grab Adam’s ‘Portobello Blues’ album.

11/10/17 – AWIL at Res 139  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling & sketches by Alban Low. Also this week a bonanza of global music at SOAS Radio. Next week Pete Lockett at SOAS & DJ Vix at Resonance!  #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Stefanos Tsourelis Trio - Native Speaker

Stefanos Tsourelis
Stefanos Tsourelis Trio
Stefanos Tsourelis - guitar and oud
Dave Jones - bass
Eric Ford - drums

Date - 7th October 2017
Venue - Jazz Café POSK, Hammersmith, London, UK

Current album - Native Speaker (2017)

Dave Jones
Future performance
14th November 2017 - EFG London Jazz Festival, Bull's Head, Barnes, UK (with live art by Alban Low)

Greek-born, London-based guitar and oud virtuoso Stefanos Tsourelis alongside bassist Dave Jones and Eric Ford on drums launch debut album Native Speaker at Jazz Café POSK.

Eric Ford
Their music is a heady mix of jazz and rock with Oriental and Greek influences, traditional Mediterranean melodies and textures with Flamenco and African rhythms, generating dynamic grooves, combined with nuanced dynamics and sparkling arrangements. Stefanos follows in the footsteps of guitarists such as John McLaughlin and Ralph Towner, creating a personal and unique fusion of 'World Jazz' at its very best as a vehicle for his wonderful oud and guitar improvisations. His music is both melodically and rhythmically engaging.

"A wonderful sense of the trio grooving together very intuitively." London Jazz News.

Stefanos Tsourelis