Friday 17 May 2013

Sally Silver Soprano & Elizabeth Connell Memorial Concert

Elizabeth Connell Memorial Concert
Sylvie Valayre
This was one of the most unusual, exciting and enjoyable nights on duty with Rich Rainlore.

Sally Silver
I love the venue and I'm acquiring a taste for sketching to classical music. Although it was hard work (I didn't have time to draw all the pianists) I responded to the drama of Operatic singing, the facial expressions and sheer power. Obviously it was a Memorial and there were moving dedications to Elizabeth Connell but it was an amusing celebration at times.

It felt a little inappropriate but I found the performance particularly powerful because it stirred my base desires. A little like the attractive cousin you find yourself lusting after at your granny's funeral.
None more so than the seductive Soprano Sally Silver and Sylvie Valayre.

Richard Wiegold
The men were equally captivating and I just wish I had longer to draw Richard Wiegold and Stuart Skelton.

Stuart Skelton
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