Tuesday 30 September 2014

Azizi Cole - The People's Drummer

Azizi Cole - The People's drummer
Today we paint a portrait of Azizi Cole, the aspiring drummer and percussionist from Handsworth, Birmingham, who plays with the fabulous People's Orchestra. Many of the musicians in the People’s Orchestra do not have not have resources to buy instruments but still have the burning passion for playing. Originally created by The Change Consortium, it is a membership orchestra for adults to give them a taste of orchestra life and inspire their creativity. This ensures that many talented people can continue to play out their musical dreams.

The People's Orchestra have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an original piece of music, which is to be composed by jazz saxophonist John Altman and will be performed for the first time in December 2014.

John Altman, a stalwart of the film and music industry, has agreed to compose this piece for The People's Orchestra. Understandably Azizi Cole and the other players are extremely excited about working with John, who will also rehearse and conduct the piece at the premiere!

Get involved with the project by joining their campaign. They have a range of rewards depending on how much one pledges to the project, including signed copies of the original score, a 1 hour webinar and a champagne reception with the composer himself.

Get involved by visiting their KICKSTARTER campaign here.


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