Wednesday 28 January 2015

Thea Wilsher - Darla In The Mirror

Thea Wilsher
We could open this chapter and say mirror mirror on the wall to see what stared back at us but it wouldn't nearly be as enchanting as what took the stage last Friday at The Enterprise, London (23/01/2015). London based Darla In The Mirror are a three piece weaving a mixture of sultry narrative and playful blues on the capital's circuit.

Josh - bass (vocal)
Darla are fronted by singer/songwriter Thea Wilsher who appears to have stepped straight out of a fairytale, such is her spell. With eyes that are both Snow White and Evil Queen wrapped into one it is unsurprising that many were captivated by the music and persona alike.

Maxi Curnow - drums
Their Tainted Love cover drew out the best of Wilsher as though she were being pulled apart on a medieval rack but this was no torture, more a raising of an already impressive frame to an even greater height. Dark Temperament was a favourite with atmospheric bowing from Josh on bass. It was simple, rich and the best of the sinister sultriness that Darla in the Mirror have perfected. A cover of Beyoncé's Naughty Girl showcased the multiple talents of Maxi Curnow who switched from drums to guitar.

Yet again it was the self-penned tunes that stood out with a finale of Writing Your Name. This was a proud march into the future, a premonition of a world with long drawn stares and a narrowing of eyes in both hate and desire.


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