Wednesday 20 January 2016

Heg & The Wolf Chorus - White Witch

Heg Brignall
Heg Brignall - Keyboard and vocals
Vince Martin - Violin and vocals
Joseph Kelly - Double Bass and vocals
Harriet Riley - Percussion and vocals
Joseph Kelly
Date - 27th November 2015
Venue - Union Chapel, London
Current Single - The White Witch
Bristolian folk storytellers play their wondrous narratives to a sold out London audience in the Union Chapel, Islington.
Vince Martin
If it was stories that were going to be recounted then we were going to need a fire. Opening song Maiden was that spark, a song full of little snaps and crackles, brittle moments and incendiaries. Three Sailors was a bellow pump, filling lungs full of air and cresting the wave of vocals. It was like a gentle push against a sieve, not catching the pure sift that runs through the small holes but the detritus that is left. The stories of lives mostly forgotten yet still caught in the Heg and The Wolf Chorus net.
The shadow of the White Witch is cast across the fairy tale of We Praise The Storm (?). Sinister lines, wintery surprises, like cloves in your wine or the sixpence that cracks a tooth. There is a hope but it is from the calling of Heg's chant, again it is not all pure, you suspect they are Sirens, luring us to the mountain top to see the view before inviting destruction over the cliffs beyond.
Harriet Riley
When The White Witch makes her appearance it is more delicate than foreboding. Light medicinal flowers are picked with long willowy stems. Amongst the light penmanship of Culpeper's Herbs is a blotting swamping stain, an oil or a seeping poison. Heg Brignall and Vince Martin play the reedy tips of the flowers while Joseph Kelly and Harriet Riley are the cloying roots, sucking us below.



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