Wednesday 27 July 2016

Graeme Flowers Quartet - Calais Refugee Benefit Concert

Graeme Flowers
Graeme Flowers Quartet
Graeme Flowers - trumpet
Louis Riccardi - guitar
Gareth Huw Davies - bass
Jarrod Pizzata - cajon

Jarrod Pizzata
Date - 12th July 2016
Venue - The Forge, Camden, UK
Current Release - The Samba Is Waiting / Nova Fronteira - Rhodes To Rio EP (Quantize Recordings 2016)

Part 3 of Gabriella Swallow and her Urban Family gig in aid of the Calais Jungle Crisis.

The evening at The Forge, Camden directly benefitted Phone Credit For Refugees which is an organisation that provides vital phone credit to refugees and displaced adults and children across Europe. they give the gift of communication to people who are separated from family and friends, miles away from home and in very uncertain circumstances. £20 buys a month's internet and calls providing a lifeline to keep recipients safe and connected. For many unaccompanied children their phone credit is the only safety net they have. To date they have helped over 2500 displaced adults and children make contact with loved ones, stay up to date with news from home and even summon emergency life saving assistance.

Louis Riccardi
His music has sizzling omelette feet, greasy legs and a full wobbly belly. Giant men whose friction creates a perpetual machine of contact, reciprocation and repercussions.
A Circle that runs thick along its rim. Eels writhing in a bucket. Happiness is this burgeoning and full gift. The preciousness of being.
A Big Top flashes past in a vibrant blurred circus. Sweetshop washes with rich pastel and primary twists. An easiness that is a shorthand for being fulfilled and sated. Eyes open in delight, that delicious round white that maroons the iris as we lie on our individual contented islands.

(Apologies to Gareth Huw Davies, who I didn't have time to sketch)

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