Monday 9 March 2020

Partikel - The Fox

Duncan Eagles
Duncan Eagles - saxophone
Max Luthert - bass
Eric Ford - drums

The Fox, Twickenham, UK

2020 marks ten years since Partikel launched their debut CD. The band are celebrating this milestone with a new album with progressive German based label Berthold Records and lots of touring throughout the year.

Eric Ford
After four albums and a decade of working together Partikel still retain their youthful exuberance and a prickly wonder for the new challenges ahead. At The Fox in Twickenham they returned to their South West London stomping ground to share a handful of new compositions. Duncan Eagles has shed some of the lyricism of the early years, the meandering melodies have gone in favour of a more robust style, harder, more forthright. The same could be said for the drumming of Eric Ford, but he has always had a powerful cantankerous edge to his playing. Max Luthert will be forever the pacifier in this trio, playing the father figure to two boisterous teenage sons.
Max Luthert

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