Monday 5 October 2020

Trinidad - Vinyl Joblottin' ep.11

Each week on Vinyl Joblottin’ we buy a bundle of vinyl at auction (or find one in a record shop, charity shop, car boot sale, etc). The records are a slice of a collection, giving us a glimpse into a collector’s past. Then we spin each joblot into a theme for you.

Welcome to Vinyl Joblottin'
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In episode 11 our vinyl story comes from the record collection of Ronnie Aye Maung. He was born in Burma but spent many years of his life working and living in other countries around the world. In the mid 1960s he moved with his family to Trinidad. This week his daughter Natalie Low shares some of her memories about her time growing up in Trinidad.

1. No Hurricane In Trinidad - Lord Kitchener
2. Wood In The Fire - Mighty Sparrow
3. Calypso Castillan - The Sandpebbles
4. Matilda, Matilda - George Browne With Mike McKenzie's All Stars
5. Big Bambo - The Merrymen Featuring Emile Straker
6. Sammy Dead Oh! - Russ Henderson And His Caribbean Boys

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