Monday 21 August 2023

All Vinyl A to Z of Africa (Season 2 - Ep.12) - Tunisia to Zimbabwe

Welcome to our final All Vinyl A to Z of Africa (Season 2) with Natalie and Alban Low. Our aim is to track down a vinyl record from all 60+ African countries, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between. Each week we feature 5 countries, this week it is Tunisia, Uganda, Western Sahara, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our final episode starts with the African singer who played percussion at the Folies Bergère, and finishes with the ‘father of social services in Zimbabwe’. This programme is part of the A World in London family of radio programmes. Listen to the 1st series on SOAS Radio.

Listen to episode 12 here -

1. El Kahlaoui Tounsi - Smeira
2. Ganda Tribe - Ganga
3. Mariem Hassan - Legneiba
4. Yandikani Lungu - Ku Chongwe Kwaina - Part 1
5. Jairos Jiri Sunrise Kwela Band - Take Cover

This is our final All Vinyl A to Z of Africa. We don not know if they'll be another. Alban will be hosting the jazz show on Brooklands Radio for the foreseeable future, and Natalie is concentrating on her creative writing, and the family allotment.  

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