Wednesday 20 September 2023

Suntrap - Twickfolk

Sue Graves - "Surrey Nightingale"

Sara Byers - Vocals, Guitar, Accordion, Banjo, Whistle
Mary Wilson - Vocals, Violin, Mandolin,
Sue Graves - Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele
John Sandall - Violin, Viola, Cello, Vocals
Tom Evans - Double bass, Accordion, Guitar,

TwickFolk - The Cabbage Patch Pub, 67 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 3SZ

17th September 2023

Tom Evans 

Suntrap are a five piece English folk band, offering a unique musical experience of folk inspired original, traditional and contemporary songs, featuring entrancing vocal harmonies and lush instrumental arrangements.

Sara Byers

Sara Byers and Mary Wilson are two of the three original band members, and over the years, they have been joined by John Sandall, Sue Graves and Tom Evans.  Instruments played by the band include fiddles, viola, accordions, guitars, tenor guitar, ukuleles, banjo, double bass and whistle.

Mary Wilson

Suntrap launched their album, Northern Lights, at TwickFolk in September 2019.  Since then, they have used their lockdown time to write some new songs and to learn some carefully selected cover songs.  So a mixture of old and new music is to be expected this evening.

Quotes about the Northern Lights album:
“Suntrap manage to blur the lines between sublime music and dreams.  The lines between the fantastical and the possible are likewise blurred.  This album is pure indulgence”  Catherine Hume for Shire Folk

“Full of intelligent original songs, this comeback album is an immensely satisfying listen.  The ‘in the round’ style ensures the supple vocal harmonies are to the fore”  Keith Ames, Tom Short and Clive Somerville for The Musician.

John Sandall 

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