Monday, 28 January 2013

Rainlore's online artist-in-residence

Rich Rainlore
I'm really chuffed to announce that I'll be working more closely with critic/observer Rich Rainlore over the coming year. I'll be his official artist-in-residence and 'live' sketcher at many of the gigs he'll be attending for his website Rainlore's World.

Rich is no stranger to the visual side of music after plying his trade for many years as a photographer, so he knows just how difficult it can be to produce the goods in challenging conditions. He is a sympathetic and knowledgeable collaborator who I know I'll enjoy working with over the next 12 months....and hopefully long into the future..

It is no surprise that since I've been working with Rich, I have gained confidence in my own writing.

I made this quick sketch of him at Joanna Strand's CD launch, The Forge, Camden in 2012. It was the first gig we worked on together and I haven't looked back since.


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