Monday 29 December 2014

Jonathan Whines at Harris + Hoole

Jonathan Whines - Soprano Saxophone
Wendy Linsey - Vocals
Twickenham has bona fide credentials as a hotbed for musical excellence with both the famous Beatles' Studio Sessions and the roll call at the Eel Pie Island Hotel named on its honours board. With every other pub turning into a superchain minimart these days it seems that our live music scene is under attack more than ever. Twickenham though is not lost in the wilderness quite yet.
Halle Nukuna - drums
The Lord Tesco hath taken away, and The Lord Tesco has given it back it to Twickenham. Despite the Red Lion being reordered into aisles of convenience we  have Harris + Hoole (where Tesco have a non-controlling investment in the business) instead. They are not the only bedfellows under H & H's duvet, Jazz has slipped into the informal and 'happy' atmosphere fostered at their Twickenham branch.

Although I love this time of year, The Jonathan Whines quintet is as Christmassy as I get on the Art of Jazz blog. They played a set of standards and Christmas themed songs at Harris & Hoole (19/12/2014) during the bunfight that precedes the day itself.

Roger Harding - Bass

Jonathan Whines is a man of considerable talents who I have not had the fortune to sketch since the Orange Tree Jazz Jam disappeared from London's open mic skyline. It was a busy time at Harris + Hoole as jettisoned rice cakes from toddlers dissolved gently on table tops and a wave of silver surfers rocked in for their morning fix. Shoppers of all ages filled the remaining chairs while Whines (saxophones/flute), Jonathan Swift (piano), Roger Harding (Bass) and Halle Nukuna (percussion) prepared the bargain baggers for the re-entry into the High Street's fray.

Jonathan Swift - piano

Alongside Halle Nukuna's percussion work on Hit the Road Jack shone the beacon of vocalist Wendy Linsey who is one third of the a capella group The Decibelles. The trio have performed at Harris + Hoole before but their next  performance will be at the OSO Barnes on 24th January 2015. Jonathan Whines is a regular at Harris + Hoole on Friday mornings from 10.30am onwards.


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