Tuesday 31 March 2015

Princess Slayer - Living

Nathan Rasdall
"Tonight you should expect big bass, ethereal soundscapes and very loud beats" promised Princess Slayer drummer Vince Welch, but he gave us more and they gave us everything. It was a verve of  energy and performance, it proved an impossible task for myself. Sketching live is always a challenge but to capture the whipping fringe of Welch or the pogoing jack-in-the-box that was singer  Casey Lim was too much in their short 25 minute RADAR set. So apologies for the brevity of drawing.
Vince Welch
The RADAR night (26/02/2015) at Chelsea Stadium's plush Under The Bridge venue is one of the hottest live events for both the music industry and fans alike. It is a platform to showcase the best unsigned and just-signed talent who are emerging from under the wings of Music Week, ILUVLIVE and MusicConnex.
Casey Lim
The label of electronica suggests a coolness in approach, a calculated appearance and Princess Slayer have that composure but they're also intent on turning the tap on the red side not the blue. The crowd embraced their passion and although our main two protagonists of Welch and Lim propelled us forward as we cut and undulated through 5 tunes my sketchbook stuck on the bass and keyboard of Nathan Rasdall.
Jack Kendrew
It isn't just the name that talks of death, the band demand a commitment, for that is what they do, laying themselves before us without pretence. They climbed toward their summit with a penultimate song that chewed us slowly at first then crushed under the hammer blows of Welch. It was the furnace of the blacksmith, the bang of heavy machinery and teetering pulse of near-molten metal. The finale, 'Living', was the expected eruption. If this song is their current raison d'etre then we admire their zest for life and many will worship at their Vulcan temple.
You have time to experience Princess Slayer at their first headline show. They will also be launching their EP 'Living' at The Stillery, 18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX, London, Wed 8th April 2015, 7.30pm- midnight, £5+bf in advance / £8 on the door. TICKETS

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