Sunday 5 April 2015

Geovarn James - Under the Bridge

Geovarn James
There is a time when too much of a good thing makes Jack a dull boy and this artists' sketchbook was in danger of being rubbed into oblivion. So before I left RADAR's showcase I just had to experience the slow joy of Geovarn James. Despite there being two more acts on the bill, it was this handsome singer that tipped me over the edge and it was without regret I left after his set.

The RADAR night (26/02/2015) at Chelsea Stadium's plush Under The Bridge venue is one of the hottest live events for both the music industry and fans alike. It is a platform to showcase the best unsigned and just-signed talent who are emerging from under the wings of Music Week, ILUVLIVE and MusicConnex.

Chris Johnson
Geovarn's debut single 4AM was the linchpin of this short appearance and there was enough oozing appeal in this tune to slide the topmost apparel from the back of this North London protégé. It was a mixture of smooth vocals and snapping lyrics that rolled effortless through the audience. The unrushed and unflappable presence of Geovarn created the calm vacuum that the rest of his band shone within.

James Paton
Those that lit up in the Geovarn headlight were Chris Johnson (vocals) and James Paton, whose multi talents were harnessed on drums but seem to be overflowing in other directions too. Tonight he will be playing at The Seymour Arms, Blagdon, Bristol from 7pm. Expect a blend of soul, jazz, hip hop and funk from his piano and loop pedal this time around.


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