Thursday 14 April 2016

The Posies - Buzzing Solid States

Ken Stringfellow
The Posies
Jon Auer - guitar, vocals
Ken Stringfellow - guitar, vocals, keys
Frankie Siragusa - drums

Date - 6 April 2016
Venue -  100 Club
Current Album - Solid States (Release April 2016 on Lojinx)

Frankie Siragusa
Upcoming dates
15 April – Mejeriet, Lund, SWEDEN
16 April – Monkeys, Hamburg, GERMANY
17 April – Tavastia, Helsinki, FINLAND
19 April – Kafe Antzoki (small room), Bilbao, SPAIN
20 April – Sala Arena, Madrid, SPAIN
21 April – Razzmatazz 2, Bacelona, SPAIN
22 April – Loco Club, Valencia SPAIN
23 April – Sala Budokan, Cartagena, SPAIN
24 April – Sala Malandra, Sevilla SPAIN

When the Posies long time drummer, Darius, died suddenly and unexpectedly last year, Posies founding members Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow were devastated. Hard as it was to continue without such a close friend and great musician, the moment called for a reinvention. SOLID STATES is their 8th album that charts the dramatic changes in their lives, music and evolution of the band. The Posies retain their legendary melodic abilities, their trademark vocal harmonies and their lyrical agility.
The multi­year gap between albums has been spent in countless other projects that now bring new skills and experiences to the latest manifestation of their sound. Their raison d'etre as ever rests on their desire to take risks and keep on exploring, wherever that may take them
Jon Auer
The Posies are the sweet and the sour, the voice and swathe of guitar. They are the itch you feel in your fingers when you see a bacon slicer, that whirring steel upon steel sound, that desire to reach for the meat, and also to touch the blade. The two bar fire gently warms with a molten glow and despite it's soothing orange you know its buzzing electricity stokes a shock with a sickening kick. Irresistible, curious, reminiscence and through angry melted tears a wash of the future.


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