Wednesday 13 April 2016

The President Lincoln - 100 Club

Pete Fussey
Alex Maws
The President Lincoln
Alex Maws - lead vocals & guitar
Pete Fussey - guitar
Lee Norton -  keyboard
Cliff Annicelli - bass
Kevin Hutchins - drums
Mo Doshi - backing vocals

Kevin Hutchins
Date - 6 April 2016
Venue -  100 Club
Current Album - The Sinking of The President Lincoln (2013)

Mo Doshi

The President Lincoln began as a lo-fi and lo-budget recording project of singer-songwriter Alex Maws who recorded "The Sinking of the President Lincoln" on his laptop in the spare room of his London home. For the better part of a year, Maws mostly recorded alone, but aided by a cast of 24 contributors who have never all been in the same country at the same time, let alone in the same studio. Collaborations took place over email between musicians in London, England; Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA and Asheville, NC.

Lee Norton
The President Lincoln has grown from a “recording project” into a proper band. Maws has recruited a lineup of musicians (some British, some American, of course) to figure out how to play the songs live. The core lineup of The President Lincoln now consists of guitarist Pete Fussey (who also played on the recording), keyboardist Lee Norton, bassist Cliff Annicelli, drummer Kevin Hutchins and backing vocalist Mo Doshi.


Cliff Annicelli
A whirlpool of defiance spins in our eyes as the alien ray-gun of Maws and Fussey pins the audience with their truth serum shots. This is the honesty and the romance of The President Lincolns, the revelations that are shared on the far reaches of the football field, curtained behind nervous Leylandii.

This Could Be Our Country is a land held up by buzzing pillars of slots and arcades. It is an in-between world that is neither field green nor field grey. On the map it lies between generations, between sexes, an oasis, like a faded English Las Vegas.


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