Friday 2 September 2016

Chris Rand - Gathering - The Pheasantry

Chris Rand
Chris Rand - saxophones
Andrew Noble - keys/piano/organ
Jason Reeve - drums
Jacqui Tate - voice
Jamie McCredie - guitar

Jason Reeve
Date - 27th July 2016
Venue - Pizza Express, The Pheasantry, Chelsea
Current Album - Gathering (Dot Time Records, 2016)

Future performance
Sept 4th 2016 - Cinnamon Club, London
Sept 11th 2016 - Cinnamon Club, London
Sept 25th 2016 - Cinnamon Club, London

Jacqui Tate
Since graduating from the Guildhall School of Music Chris Rand has quickly became one of the UK’s top saxophone side men, playing and recording throughout the world with many of UK’s top Jazz and Blues artists. He has performed with the Rolling Stones Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, and has performed as guest artist with George Porter Jr (The Meters) and Guitarists Mick Taylor and Chris Jagger to name but a few. Chris released his Debut CD “Gathering” (Dot Time Records DT9047) which features a series of original compositions influenced by all the various styles that have inspired him over the years.

Andrew Noble
Duck and swivel, sitting in a comical cockpit you push the buttons, ringing bells and whistles. We are skyborne, brushing steel as we skirt past a world of urban totems, their skeletal bodies cutting across the blue in a trigonometric craze. The tune is Sidewalk and it is a 3 card Mondrian trick. Rand strips away the city to reveal a world of animal chaos disguised as humans on the move.

Jamie McCredie
Rip tide Gathering, sliding into a pot of toffee. A zoot train shuffle sees us arrive at Nash Central Station. Heads together, eye to eye, catch the corner of a smile and it spreads across your face. Overheard calls and I rest my finger on this beast's throbbing mechanic chest, the chrome contours smear beneath me. A crash but we can rebuild him! Jumping box, Charlie chops, Linda Lovelace, Peter Piper well and truly pickled. In the frame, we sway, no prayers, just hold on.

Jacqui Tate's Black Coffee reverses the trends and slows the engines, an oil patch collects and seeps in a gradually widening stain. Once trapped we are crushed by her purpose, she is a mangle, the rollers are her attraction and her poise.

Chris Rand

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