Wednesday 7 September 2016

Inventions and Dimensions at the Ram Jam Club

Duncan Eagles
Inventions & Dimensions
Duncan Eagles - tenor saxophone
Max Luthert - bass
Terence Collie - piano
Will Glasser - drums

Tony Woods
Joined by
Tony Woods (sax), Samuel Eagles (sax) and Matt Bartlett (sax), Dan Redding (guitar), George Bone (piano), Toby Nowell (trumpet), Tracey O'Connor (voice) and many others.

Date - 1st September 2016
Venue - Ram Jam Club, Kingston, 46B Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5EE

Max Luthert
A return to Kingston's Grey Horse pub is long overdue for the glitterati of the current Brit Jazz scene.
A host of young musicians cut their teeth in the mid and late noughties when Partikel ran their infamous Jazz jam in the main belly of the pub. Last week we saw the launch of a new night called Inventions and Dimensions at the Ram Jam Club, a purpose built venue that sits just behind their original stomping ground.

Will Glasser
Future dates see a mix of national and international visitors to the Ram Jam stage over September, October and November 2016. Starting with Max Luthert's Orbital tomorrow night with the talented Gareth Lockrane on flute.

8th September - Max Luthert's Orbital
15th September - Preston Glasgow Lowe
22nd September - Peter Edwards Trio
29th September - Matt Chandler Quartet

6th October - Samuel Eagles' Spirit
13th October - Partikel
20th October - Toy Rokit
27th October - Penelope Dreaming

3rd November - Andrew Bain International Quartet
10th November - Andre Canniere Sextet

Terence Collie
The first night was a resounding success with some old and new faces gracing the stage. Eagles and Luthert opened with Will Glasser on drums and TW12 Jazz Festival bigwig Terence Collie on piano. They were ably supported by Tony Woods and Samuel Eagles on saxophone, both men play at the club later on in the year. Samuel Eagles will be giving us a first listen to some new tunes from his imminent second album.

Matt Bartlett
It was wonderful to see some of the original jammers coming back to the fray. Toby Nowell gave us a brief cameo before the much loved Jazz Proof (Eagles.D/Redding/Luthert/Bone) reformed in the style of Take That, without their very own Robbie Williams (Louie Palmer) of course. If this was once a springboard for young talent in the noughties then the night didn't disappoint as post-GCSE Matt Bartlett brought his alto to the party. As one of Mornington Lockett's Royal College students he has a bright future ahead of him, as does Inventions and Dimensions if this young man sticks around.


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