Wednesday 20 May 2020

The Interloper's Guide to Vamdrup (Denmark) ep.1

Join Kevin Acott, Harvey Wells and Alban Low on The Interloper's Guide to Vamdrup (Denmark). Every episode the trio travel to a new location around the world in a quest to capture the spirit of the place. It is a search for the sensation of Hiraeth, a homesickness for a place you have yet to visit. Their experiences don't rely on aeroplanes or long distant travel but a mixture of music and words on this 20 minute programme. In Episode 1 they visit the former border town of Vamdrup in Denmark (population 5,000).

Listen here or follow the link below

The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk (Metronome ‎– B 1615) 1965
Grethe Og Jørgen Ingmann - Avant De Mourir (Metronome ‎– MEP 1116) 1957
Dreamers' Circus - Mormor (Vertical Records) 2018
Erik Paaske - Søren Bramfris lærkesang (FolkArt) 2019
Erik Moseholm - Nuancer (Sonet ‎– SXP 2011) 1958
Raquel Rastenni and the Harlem Kiddies - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Little Beat Records) 2005

Harvey Wells reads Someplace in Europe (author: Benny Andersen/translator: Michael Goldman)
Alban Low's Vamdrup souvenirs.

In Episode 2 we visit Hurlingham in Argentina.
Listen to Alban Low on the A World In London radio programme with DJ Ritu on Resonance FM and SOAS Radio every Wednesday.

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