Friday 18 March 2016

Bird - Hypnotise cut

Janie Price

Date - 7 March 2016
Venue -  Groucho Club, Soho, London
Current Album - Figments Of Our Imagination

Single - Hypnotise

Live dates -
12 April - Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
14 April -
De Roma
, Borgerhout, Belgium
21 April -
Capitole, Gent, Belgium

Bird is an art form in herself. Like all good artworks there is both a nod to the future and a drawing upon the past, whether distant, imagined or just experienced. The world and time push around Bird, 'Lucky' is like waiting for a train and then have it defiantly charge past you when your back is turned. The new single 'Hypnotise', released today, is a charmer, a slight of hand that tangles like a magnetic snake. 'Small Town' as the name might suggest builds brick upon red brick, it is proud to be urban, like much of her work. Light slants through doorways, fragments of people with overlapping lives, the way you cannot stop the glue oozing out of a collage of magazine pieces. She is layered purity and dirty light. 'Small Town' provides us with a front door peephole so that we can look out with safety and guilt. What we see is a world of cut outs, a living breathing world that has been spliced by Matisse's hand. It is clean and crisp, angular and sharp. It is a pinpoint of colour that burns like the sun through this city's lens.


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