Thursday 3 March 2016

Firefay - The King Must Die

Carole Bulewski
Adam Bulewski
Carole Bulewski - Vocals, piano/keyboards
Adam Bulewski - Guitar and related instruments
Ronnie Maxwell - Bass
Matt Grabham - Violin
James Conner - Drums

James Conner
Date - 12th February 2016
Venue -  Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London
Current Album - The King Must Die

Review by Grey Malkin on The Active Listener

Conspiratorial album launch of Firefay's The King Must Die at the dark cornered Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London.

It's not just because Carole Bulewski sings lead vocals and takes centre stage that your eyes are constantly caught in her gaze. She is the geological ArĂȘte you tread, the knife edge ridge that plummets to either side with no possibility of escape. You do not know whether to keep your attention permanently on her for fear of what lurks to right and left or to turn back, breaking the spell. You are complicit in this game of enchantments. 

Matt Grabham
If The King Must Die then Matt Grabham is the cleaver, the man who must do the fateful deed. He keeps his eyes lowered because he knows he has the power. You can feel it in the crowd, in his pose, in his music.

Ronnie Maxwell

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