Wednesday 23 March 2016

Shirley Smart Trio - Jewelling currents

Shirley Smart
Shirley Smart - cello
Maurizio Minardi - accordion
Demi Garcia Sabat - percussion

Demi Garcia Sabat
Date - 8 March 2016
Venue -  Performance Space, City University, London
Current Album - Random Road by Melange

Shirley Smart live dates -
6 APRIL - Gypsy Nights with Melange, Brixton Ritzy
21 APRIL - Balagan Café Band, Book and Kitchen
24 APRIL - Last Summer's Tealights, Arts Depot, Finchley

The Shirley Smart Trio presents a fresh new approach to the cello, taking the listener on an improvised journey incorporating music from North Africa, Middle East, Balkans, and South America, and jazz as well as original compositions. Shirley will be heading the London Cello Society's "Beyond Cello" division beginning in 2016.

Maurizio Minardi
The urgency of broken pieces dot the river bed like the hand of an overexcited Seurat. Maurizio Minardi is the stone, the boulders as smooth as the accordionists naked pate. His varied hues and heavyweight shapes shimmering beneath the cool waters of Shirley Smart's cello. She is the flow, her notes run around and over Minardi. Dominating and swamping when the swell is high, yet playful and alive when they work together. Smart has both a river's predictability and unpredictability, remaining mostly within the boundaries of her melodies but dancing and jinking within those running currents. She flows and stops, but always with a wistful race towards the future, to be swept downstream where we can only see the light jewelling on the river's surface.


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