Friday 25 March 2016

Tony Kinsey - Embroidery Suite

Tony Kinsey
Chris Biscoe
The Tony Kinsey Big Band
Tony Kinsey - leader, composer, arranger, drums
Andy Panayi - saxophones
Sam Mayne - saxophone
Jimmy Hastings - saxophone
Vasilis Xenopoulos - saxophone
Chris Biscoe - baritone saxophone
Tony Fisher - trumpet
George Hogg - trumpet
Guy Barker - trumpet
Steve Fishwick - trumpet
Mark Nightingale - trombone
Duncan Campbell - trombone
Ashley Horton - trombone
Bill Geldard - trombone
John Horler - piano
Andy Cleyndert - bass

Duncan Campbell
Date -11th March 2016
Venue -  Sunbury Cricket Club, UK

Andy Cleyndert
Tony Kinsey is one of Britain's finest jazz drummers and composers, with scores ranging from jazz and classical, to television and film. He was a founder member of the John Dankworth Seven, later forming his own quartets and quintet that made their mark on British Jazz history and in the hearts of Jazz fans across the globe.

In his playing career he has worked with many of the world's Jazz greats, including Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Cleo Laine and Oscar Peterson.

Andy Panayi
The members of the Tony Kinsey Jazz Orchestra are amongst the top players in the UK, equally at home on the world stage too. A number of the orchestra have worked with Tony Kinsey since the band was first formed in 1974 when they broadcast and performed The River Thames Suite, a commission from the BBC. Tony is also a man of the moment, here he enlists some of the young bucks who prowl the current London scene like Steve Fishwick (trumpet) and Vasilis Xenopoulos (saxophone).

Ashley Horton
They came from far and wide for the sold out performance at the Sunbury Cricket Club but all is not lost for those who couldn't secure a ticket. The evening's concert was recorded by sound engineer Paul Golding (The Lord of the Rings, Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge) and will be released later in 2016.

George Hogg
The Embroidery Suite was written by Tony Kinsey and gifted to the Millennium Embroidery to celebrate the opening of the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery in the summer of 2006. The music was first performed at St Mary's Church in Sunbury.

Guy Barker
The Embroidery Project has received enormous support from the local community over the years and this suite is as much a tribute to the people as the artwork itself. Although this marks the 10th anniversary of the music there is every reason to believe that the power of this composition and recording will live on for years to come.

Jimmy Hastings
This blog has had a close relationship with The Sunbury Embroidery Gallery, in recent years as I have commissioned, organised and displayed a set of maps in the 'On The Map' exhibition at the gallery in 2015.  They included both the The Sunbury Dice Game and Sunbury Park: A Map and Nature Trail which are inspired by the nearby park and walled gardens.

Mark Nightingale
Tony Kinsey's Embroidery Suite reads like a map too, a walk of sound perhaps, especially if you follow signposted titles like 'River Life', Life at the Inn' and 'Monksbridge. If you get the chance to buy the CD, close your eyes and take a wander with your mind, for every note is a beautiful thread in the rich tapestry of Sunbury upon Thames.


Steve Fishwick

Tony Fisher

Bill Geldard

John Horler

Sam Mayne

Vasilis Xenopoulos


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