Thursday 30 June 2016

Jay Power - The Bedford

Jay Power
Jay Power - vocals
Mikey Chan - guitar
Jack Baker - drums

Jack Baker
Date - 22nd June 2016
Venue - The Bedford, Balham, London
Current release - The Missing,

Upcoming dates
01/07/2016 - The Albion, Hastings
02/07/2016 - The Blue Zucchini, Tetbury
06/07/2016 - The Brunswick, Brighton
08/07/2016 - Sisters of Blues & Soul Festival Todmorden

Jay Powers' latest album The Missing was released just last week (20/06/2016) as she embarks on a UK wide tour. Her live shows combine dashes of urban beats, hints of funk and splashes of neo soul.  As a finalist for South Australian Female Artist of the year (2015) Power’s reputation as an act to follow is well and truly justified.

Mikey Chan
There is muscle in this performance, a sweating twitching pump, you feel it deep within your limbs. Weight, shoulder, thick, pull, molar gripping, the loss of control and the eating of dirt. Electric fires spark in an urban bagatelle, car led, the sound bleeds into the concrete heat. This isn't for our daylight hours of tedium but for those pockets of defiant pleasure that swarm from the city's open windows and lodge in the recklessness of night.


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