Monday 27 June 2016

Lauren April - Confetti Rises

Lauren April
Lauren April

Date - 16th June 2016
Venue - The Dublin Castle
Current release - Picture on the Wall

Upcoming dates
2nd July 2016 - Codnor Castle Inn, Amber Valley, UK
9th July 2016 - Afest, Allington, UK

Lauren April
Lauren April is a 20 year old country/pop singer/songwriter from Nottingham. She brings to the UK country music scene a new modern flair with her performances being fun and filled with energy, yet emotional and sensitive 
when needed. 

Shake the water filled globe and the confetti rises from the meadows and floats into the air. The currents cut through like gentle winds and the white of fine paper flowers are silhouetted against crisp sky blues. Unexpected yearning songs lie you back in the grass and high in the canopy above you the shape of leaves turn to teardrops.


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