Tuesday 21 June 2016

The New 52 - Aces and Eights

Darragh Cullen
The New 52
Darragh Cullen - guitar/vocals
Conor McLoughlin - guitar
Mikey Deasy - bass/vocals
Chris Pepper - drums
Mikey Deasy

Date - 10th June 2016
Venue - Aces and Eights, London
Current release - Album, produced by Boo Hewerdine, to be released in 2016

The New 52 are a rock 'n' roll group from Dublin.

The warp of the road on a carefree journey, rolling away. Staring into the distance as the wheel keeps on turning. Line after white line beating past when you look down below your feet, the rhythm of the known and the unknown. Tunnel hope, always hope along the autumnal fringes of the road. (Good Intentions)

Conor McLoughlin
School corridors, emptying halls, slowly dispersing the tensions as we look toward the summer ahead. I stand on the scorched grass, with sun on the face, a perspective on the skyline and a slow smile starts. There is the burn of the late night bonfire and after a little alcohol nothing else seems to matter but the flickers, and then the black which swallows all our cares. (Last of the Gang)


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