Thursday 2 June 2016

Lux Lisbon - Scala

Tom Cooper
Lux Lisbon
Stuart Rook - Vocals
Charlotte Austen – Vocals, Bass
Tom Cooper - Guitar, Vocals
Jamie Shaw - Drums

Stuart Rook
Date - 21st April 2016
Venue - Scala, London

Current release - Get Some Scars EP

Lux Lisbon are a English 4-piece who do harmony laden indiepoprock songs made with tag-team-boy-girl vocals, under the influence of Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Bragg, Florence and Manics lyrics.
Charlotte Austen

They are a 100% DIY proposition, no label, manager, booking agent, publicist, or outside funding - *absolutely everything* is all handled by singer/songwriter Stuart Rook and a laptop.

The sketches below are from the 21st April 2016 when Lux Lisbon became the first 100% DIY band to sell out London Scala in advance - this following on from an exciting 2015, in which they sold out London Bush Hall in June, and 3 sold out nights at London Lexington earlier in the year.

Jamie Shaw
Lux Lisbon never fail to embrace us in their ethos. As we enter from London's abrasions they crunch underfoot the weary apathy that trails behind us. Pulp Pulp. A survival pulse that prepares us for the climb ahead. It is a see-saw night, more soar. We do not want to glide on their music though, part of the charm is in the wrestling, the haze and craze, the fug of 'live' nights like these.


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