Friday 23 December 2016

ARC Music - Celebrating 40 years

Diz Heller

ARC Music
Angie Lemon
Diz Heller

Christmas Quizmaster
Norman Drucker

Date - 21st December 2016
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - Celebrating World Music 40 Years 40 Tracks (ARC Music, 2016)

Angie Lemon
The ARC Music record label looks back at forty years of global wanderings on this A World In London! 
Click to listen:

Somewhere in a little club in Hamburg circa 1976, a Bolivian band called Los Rupay played their first European gig. The promoter, a young guy called Horst Tubbesing marvelled at their pan pipes and charangos and wondered why they had no LPs on sale for the rapturous audience to buy? Horst immediately remedied the situation by forming ARC Music, initially selling dubplates from the back of his Citroen 2CV! Subsequently, since the 70s, no corner of the world has remained untouched by the hand of this brilliant, independent label, fuelled by passion for every kind of genre, and driven by expertise & dedication to reach the remotest musicians on Planet Earth. Listen to ARC’s PR guru, Angie Lemon, and A&R man, Diz Heller, on this AWIL, playing some of the choicest tracks from the back-catalogue! Hear about the rewards they’ve encountered being part of ARC’s family-orientated team, now led by Horst’s daughter, Julia Beyer, and some of the challenges faced through four decades of continual change in an industry not for the faint-hearted. Plus, the ultimate challenge of AWIL’s annual festive quiz set by London Gypsy Orchestra’s Norman Drucker! See what 2017 holds for ARC’s 41st year on ARC music FB, Twitter:@ARCMusicProd
Norman Drucker
21/12/16 – AWIL at Res 109  Online:  Pics by Angie Lemon and Alban Low. Huge thanks to Norman Drucker, Sofia Gaetani-Morris, George Hadwen, and YOU for listening through 2016! AWIL returns on January 11th. Have a wonderful & peaceful festive season & Happy New Year!
#AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 
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Thursday 22 December 2016

The Hamiltons - Crazy Coqs

Tom Hamilton
The Hamiltons
Emma Hamilton - keys/vocals
Tom Hamilton - keys/vocals
Bob Payne - tuba
Florian Has Schneider - drums
Tjoe Man Cheung - guitar

Tjoe Man Cheung
Date - 16th December 2016
Venue - Crazy Coqs, London, UK
Current video  - Take The Hit

Emma Hamilton
Amongst red drapes and electric blues The Hamiltons reflect in the mirrored art deco facets of the Crazy Coqs. Saturating the packed audience in a wash of cocktail light we could be forgiven for stepping back a century or two. This isn't an old Parisian scene though, it is a Lynchian stab in the past. While young men upend bottles of champagne to impress friends and tipsy ladies whisper in ears, on stage the twin peaks of The Hamiltons tread the line through a modern nostalgia. Beware, the décor may lure you into it's cosy arms but the hypodermic prick of The Hamiltons' charisma can still draw blood.

Bob Payne
Since deciding to relocate from Sydney to the U.K with a one-way ticket in 2015, a lot has happened to this formidable duo. They found themselves some quirky musicians to complete their live act: a tubist, drummer and guitarist, which compliments perfectly Emma’s jazz tinged vocals and shredding accordion skills, and brother Tom’s masterful, frenzied piano chops and husky voice. They have performed all over town, toured the country opening for Matt Cardle, and even collaborated with Guy Chambers on some interesting projects. Let’s throw a few more quirks into the mix. They grew up playing country, cajan, jazz, folk, and 60’s music in their fathers’ band, and debuted in Australia with an exceptional French album (they are half French!) which Van Dyke Parks called “a total triumph on so many levels”.

Florian Has Schneider
The Hamiltons perform with a manic passion, tinged with nostalgia but cemented in a pop tradition. “We take a genre of music we like, and turn it on its head” says Tom when asked to define their musical genre. It’s the kind of music best to be heard than described. Their single “Take The Hit” showcases their eclectic taste and even features sax parts from Max Abrams (from the Grammy-Award winning The Mavericks).

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Kadialy Kouyate - Kora Maestro

Kadialy Kouyate
Kadialy Kouyate - Kora and voice

Date - 14th December 2016
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - NA KITABO (2016)

Future Performance
6th January 2017 - The Green Note, Camden

Creative composer and kora maestro Kadialy Kouyate on this A World In London!
Listen HERE:

We were totally mesmerised by Kadialy Kouyate in the AWIL studio, soothed by his smooth & perfect singing voice and stunned by his wizardry on the kora. Coming from one of the most distinguished griot families in Senegal, Kadialy’s musical education began during his toddler years alongside a whole heap of agricultural chores. His artful skills in music brought him to the UK over ten years ago and it’s London’s diverse community of musicians that have fed into Kadialy’s ongoing ‘sound archive’, laden with spiritual & humanitarian observations and experiences. He has worked with Baaba Maal, Mumford & Sons, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and many more. His wonderful second solo album, Na Kitabo, featuring members of his five-piece band, is a talking book of his latest collection of songs made over 2016, and Kadialy has played numerous roles in its production aside from being at the centre of its creative force.

George Hadwen
AWIL Engineer
14/12/16 – AWIL at Res 108  Online:    Next week ARC Music’ s 40th birthday Xmas party on Dec 21st.
#AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 
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Friday 16 December 2016

Ant Law - Riverside Yule Jazz

Ant Law
Ant Law - guitar
Terence Collie - piano
Richard Sadler - bass
Paul Cavaciuti - drums
Janet McCunn - vocals
Jenni De Vere - vocals

Terence Collie
Date - 11th December 2016
Venue - Riverside Arts Jazz, Sunbury on Thames, UK
Current album - Zero Sum World (Whirlwind Recordings 2015)

Richard Sadler
Future performance - Ant Law
December 21st, 2016 - Will Vinson/Jason Rebello 5tet @ Ronnie Scott's
December 23rd, 2016 - AL3 @ The Archduke
Paul Cavaciuti
Described as “An Innovator" by The Guardian, Guitarist Ant Law was a scholar at Edinburgh University and Berklee College of Music. He now lives in London and works extensively with his own quintet, as well as (Grammy-winner and Chick Corea sideman) Tim Garland's “Lighthouse" (along with Jason Rebello and Asaf Sirkis), and with saxophonist/composer Paul Riley and Trio HLK.

For those of you who like their art as much as the music then have a read of our piece about Ant Law's album artwork for Zero Sum World.

Janet McCunn
Riverside Arts Jazz is a relatively new night on the London Jazz scene. Held on the first or second Sunday of the month it draws a healthy crowd from the banks of the Thames. It is run by local fixers Janet McCunn and Terence Collie, who are also responsible for the TW12 Jazz Festival and Jazz Café Posk.

Jenni De Vere
Future Jazz at Riverside Arts
Ten years ago following a two-and-a-half year illness, Michael Brecker passed away at the age of 57 in January 2007. As a result of his stylistic and harmonic innovations, Brecker is the most influential saxophonist of the last 30 years and is among the most studied contemporary instrumentalists in music schools throughout the world today. He is also a 13-time Grammy winner. Riverside Arts Jazz pay tribute to him by playing selected tracks from his solo albums. This concert will feature self-confessed Brecker lover and brilliant tenor player Sean Freeman (Level 42).

Wednesday 7 December 2016

The London Lucumi Choir - A World in London

Mish Aminoff
The London Lucumi Choir
Daniela De Oshun
Leah Barnett(No subject)
Bill Bland
Gavin Durrant
Jim Le Messurier
Lilli Elina
Mish Aminoff
Sophia Barrett
Yosvani Diaz

Sophia Barrett
Date - 30th November 2016
Venue - A World in London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current album  - Lullaby for Naila (2013)

Bill Bland

Daniela De Oshun
Afro Cuban harmonies and bata rhythms by The London Lucumi Choir on this A World In London! 
Click here to listen:

Lilli Elina
The day began a bit pear-shaped when London Lucumi Choir’s creator, Daniela De Oshun locked herself in the bathroom. Fortunately she escaped to bring her merry flock of choristers to AWIL, sharing lead vocals with Mish Aminoff and special guest Yosvani Diaz from Havana. Many of LLC’s members have held a long term fascination for Cuba, echoing the salsa dance craze that swept dance floors worldwide  in the 90s after Buena Vista Social Club won a Grammy and Wim Wenders documented their collaboration with Ry Cooder onto celluloid. For some, salsa was a waist-slimming fleeting fad, whereas for others, Cuba became a lifelong passion to explore beyond  Revolution,  Raul, and Fidel Castro. 

Yosvani Diaz
LLC is one of the outfits that  digs deeper into Cuba’s past,  beyond sun-soaked beaches in Varadero and hip-gyrating, to  explore the legacy of the West African slave route, Yoruba culture and Orisha tradition. Along with this dedicated community choir, two awesome albums have emerged from this exploration – ‘Un Solo Palo’ and ‘Lullaby For Naila’ -  with a third is on its way in January.

Gavin Durrant
You’ll be the first to hear extracts from it if you head down to AWIL-Live on December 9th when LLC perform at The Southbank Centre and bathroom visits by Daniela are strictly prohibited.

Leah Barnett(No subject)
30/11/16 – AWIL at Res 106  Online:  Pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris and sketches by artist Alban Low.

Next week Dec 7th Bernhard Schimpelsberger at Resonance. Kadialy Kouyate on Dec 14th and ARC Music’ s 40th birthday Xmas party on Dec 21st.

Jim Le Messurier
AWIL LIVE @Southbank Centre Dec 9 with Lambrego & London Lucumi Choir – FREE!
#AWorldinLondon – IN ITS TENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 
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Tuesday 6 December 2016

London Piano Trio - Viva Espana

Francis Rayner
London Piano Trio
Robert Atchison - violin
David Jones - cello
Francis Rayner - piano

Date - 27th November 2016
Venue - St John's Smith Square, London
Current album - Sonata for Pianoforte - Trio for Violin, Cello & Piano by Christopher Gunning
Robert Atchison
Future Performance
12th March 2017 - St John's Arts & Recreation Centre, Harlow, ENGLISH IDYLL
26th March 2017 - St John's Smith Square, London, ENGLISH IDYLL

"Simply World Class" is the description made by the German press of the London Piano Trio. For the past 17 years the London Piano Trio have been touring, recording, and teaching across the globe to rave reviews. Upcoming tours include a 10 city tour of China in 2017 and a Far East Tour in 2018. At home they have been described as a "National Treasure". They were artists in residence at the Gibbs Music Festival from 2008 - 2014 and current activities include a residency at St John's Smith Square in London, recently featuring a critically acclaimed 2015 Beethoven Cycle and artists in residence at the Festival Jalesnes, Venantes, France.

David Jones
Their interest in promoting English music has resulted in them recording the complete trios of Donald Francis Tovey, Henry Cotter Nixon, and Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, with many premiere performances in places such as Dubai, Singapore, Manila, Naples, and Paris. They have actively commissioned works by composers such as Christopher Gunning, Jed Balsamo, Gavin Bryers, Clement Ishmael, Constantin Papageorgiou, Giya Kanchelli and Philip Glass.

Programme 27th November 2016
Piano Trio No.2 in B Minor Op.76 (Turina)
Four Spanish pieces (Bretón)
Piano Trio in C (Cassadó)
Piano Trio Op.50 (Granados)


Monday 5 December 2016

Will Gibson Septet - Southbank Ziggurat

Paul Jordanous
Will Gibson Septet
Will Gibson - saxophone
Sam Leak - piano
Kevin Glasgow - bass
Sophie Alloway - drums
Paul Jordanous - trumpet
Trevor Mires - trombone
Leo Appleyard - guitar

Sam Leak

Date - 25th November 2016
Venue - BAM Festival, Southbank Centre, London

Current Album - Facets (Pathway Records 2016)
Will Gibson
Future performance
15/01/2017 -  Will Gibson Septet - Omnibus, London
22/02/2017 -  Will Gibson Septet - Swing Unlimited, Bournemouth

Trevor Miles
Angled dunce hats rise before us in corrugated rooftops.

Worlds within worlds, cup cake frills and spiked edges,
A spiral staircase is chopped into black and white confetti.

Escher stairs fold themselves in an impossible origami.
Shadows cut over bannisters and raining down in shards of black.
Free running world of concrete shadows.
Back and forward, build and conquer.

Will Gibson (b.1986) is a London-based saxophonist, clarinettist & composer. He began clarinet, piano & writing music at an early age. From 1996-2005 he attended Junior Trinity College of Music in London on Saturdays, where he continued his instrumental lessons & studied composition with Cecilia McDowall. He took up saxophone around the age of 14 after becoming more influenced by jazz & in particular John Coltrane. He also joined the Pendulum Youth Jazz Orchestra, where a large part of the repertoire was by Kenny Wheeler. During this time he was awarded the Chappell Prize for Composition, the Hambourg Prize for Improvisation & won the European Piano Teachers Association Composition Competition.

Sophie Alloway

From 2005-2009 he went to Trinity College of Music where he obtained a BMus (Hons) in performance. Here he studied with Mark Lockheart, Julian Siegel, Michael Whight, Fiona Cross & Andrew Poppy. He became involved in ensembles from both jazz & classical sides, & was awarded the Ronnie Verrell Award for Big Band & the Wilfred Hambleton Clarinet Prize.

Leo Appleyard

Since graduating Will has performed extensively throughout the U.K. & Europe in various bands & projects. In 2012 he was awarded second place in the Worshipful Company of Musicians Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition for his big band piece Solicitudes, which was performed by the Trinity College of Music Big Band in Ronnie Scott's.

The artwork from Will Gibson's new album Facets will be part of an exhibition of album art at the Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames from 13th-22nd January 2017. Free entry.