Wednesday 20 November 2019

Mike De Souza - Slow Burn at Heart

Mike De Souza
Mike De Souza - guitar
Huw V Williams - bass
Jay Davis - drums

16th November 2019
Jazz at Heart, Headingley, Leeds

Jay Davis
The Mike De Souza Trio features three of the most exciting and distinctive rising stars from the UK's vibrant jazz scene, guitarist Mike De Souza, drummer Jay Davis and bassist Huw V Williams. Jay and Mike first met as students at Leeds College of Music in 2009, but their musical alliance only began to take shape when they took their studies further on the Masters course at the Royal Academy of Music in 2012. Having released the 3-track EP ‘Road Fork’ in December 2018, the trio are now on tour around the UK to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Slow Burn’.

De Souza infuses sounds and themes inspired by alternative-rock bands such as Radiohead and Deerhoof, with the traditional Jazz-Guitar-Trio line-up, as established by jazz greats such as Pat Metheny, John Scofield and Kurt Rosenwinkel.

Huw V Williams
Since running their first jam session in February 2011, Jazz at Heart has run a year-round series of events which include gigs, workshops and jam sessions. Run by Lesley Jeffries and a small team of helpers, and based at the community-run HEART centre it has become an integral part of the Leeds jazz scene.

Next gig at Jazz at Heart is the Matt Anderson Quartet - 14th December 2019

Monday 18 November 2019

EYOT - Real World Studios

Dejan Ilijić
Dejan Ilijić – piano
Slađan Milenović – guitar
Miloš Vojvodić – drums
Marko Stojiljković – bass

11th November 2019
Real World Studios, Box, Wiltshire, UK

Slađan Milenović
Balkan ambient jazz quartet EYOT were back in the studio last week to record a new album under the guidance of producer Jim Barr (Get The Blessing / Portishead). This will be their fifth album after the successes of Horizon (2010), Drifters (2013), Similarity (2014) and Innate (2017).

Miloš Vojvodić
Under the leadership of pianist and composer Dejan Ilijić (brother of the free spirited experimental artist and performer Alen Ilijić) EYOT spent two days at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios before heading to a secret studio location to add the final brushstrokes to their new work. They finished off their week with a live performance at The Exchange in Bristol alongside Get The Blessing. Review here on B24/7.

Marko Stojiljković
The Serbian band from Nis are no strangers to UK shores after appearing at the Jazz Cafe, Camden in 2014. Yet it was a curious welcome party for the globetrotting musicians as they navigated the FA Cup fans of local football Chippenham Town before reaching the safety of Real World Studios a few miles away in Box. The first tune to be recorded was Savanna or Savannah and what followed was an epic journey over two days through another six compositions. EYOT's music has always referenced nature, an expansive sound with wide horizons and knotted woods to catch the mind. As Jim Barr, Olli Jacobs (sound engineer) and myself heard the first notes of this album take root we looked out onto the rampant autumnal colours in the garden beyond.

Jim Barr

Monday 4 November 2019

Nadine Benjamin & Nicole Panizza - Emergence

Nadine Benjamin

Nadine Benjamin
Nicole Panizza

Listen here

It was a privilege to welcome back super soprano Nadine Benjamin and her partner-in-rhyme, pianist Nicole Panizza! Together, the pair have crafted a new album illuminating the works of nineteenth century American poet Emily Dickinson and it's a beaut! 'Emergence' is a complex album in many ways. Firstly because of its central muse, Emily Dickinson, and her own multifaceted, connected yet disconnected story of empathy with nature and humanity, yet latter years spent in solitude. Nicole and Nadine identify with Emily on many levels and applaud her as ‘a voice for what it means to be human.’ They describe their own reclusive periods required to enable the creative process, counterpointed with performances in front of huge audiences. Secondly, Emergence features a surrounding cast of five composers plus our two intrepid interpreters - Nadine and Nicole, not to mention studio engineers and various technical bods. A lot goes on behind the scenes in the making of most music and some of that is explained in this interview. Nadine and Nicole shed light on their process of releasing Emergence - raising funds, engaging sponsors and supporters, steering the PR campaign, but finding freedom and liberating self-determination along the way. As Nicole says, ‘The power of creating your dream.’

Nicole Panizza
The synchronicity between Nicole and Nadine is apparent, and since they formed a partnership two years ago, it's blossomed into Emergence Music. Nicole has the piano, her classical music credentials, plus a scholarly lust for in-depth research into her subject matter. Nadine has that rare & incredible voice  plus unique charisma that can shift mountains and hearts. She has no classical music training yet has forged a path into the upper echelons of the opera world from her council estate background. Whilst we were both working in Greece in September, I saw Nadine move people to tears with her singing, and witnessed her powerful voice fill the sky in a large open-air theatre, unamplified by a microphone. People relate to Nadine because 'she's one of us', bringing ‘opera to the masses’, and she affirms this by describing herself as a people's person.
Emergence is out now on Stone Records and Nadine & Nicole will be launching it at a concert near you soon, but meanwhile catch them on Dec 1st at Blackheath Halls at what they refer to as 'just a performance'. It'll be way more than that, and well worth emerging for at 11am on a Sunday morning!

Also on this show, tracks by Brazilian choro masters Alvorada Music & young Hackney soul-jazz band Kiki and the Tiger. Production & pics by Norman Druker, artist Alban Low, Sophie Darling, and DJ Ritu. Sound by Patrick Bernard and Resonance 104.4fm.
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Monday 21 October 2019

IyatraQuartet - Break The Dawn

Will Roberts

Alice Barron
Will Roberts
Rich Phillips
George Sleightholme

Rich Phillips
Blown away by IyatraQuartet's orchestral vision for connecting the world! Hear an exclusive preview of their their forthcoming album, 'Break The Dawn', on this #AWorldInLondon. Band members Alice Barron, Will Roberts, Rich Phillips, and George Sleightholme have scored an absolute triumph!!?? Raags, Gregorian Chants, mantras, Cuban percussion, Syrian laments, and Classical music from east to west are all in their melting pot.

Alice Barron
See IyatraQuartet at Sofarsounds Hackney October 25th and launching their first single from the new album at Boulevard Soho November 3rd! Also on this #AWIL magical music by Seby Ntege & Band (see them at SOAS Concert Series Friday 18th October) and Reem Kelani (catch her on October 19th at Musicport Festival!
Production by Sophie Darling Norman Druker Alban Low #DJRitu & sound by Patrick Bernard & Sarah Nicol  #London #globalmusic #worldmusic #classicalmusic #livemusic #music #radio #IyatraQuartet Next week Brazilian choro masters Alvorada Music 6.30pm Resonance 104.4fm
George Sleightholme

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Georgia Mancio - Hang 2019

Georgia Mancio

Robert Mitchell (piano/poetry)
Shirley Smart (cello)
Rick Simpson (piano) 
Kim Macari (trumpet/spoken word)
Georgia Mancio (voice) 
Tom Cawley (piano)

9th October 2019

Kim Macari 
Storytelling, soul and compassion was at the beating heart of award-winning vocalist Georgia Mancio’s 3rd Hang this year at Pizza Express. She presented a collection of collaborations that illuminated the art of the lyrical, both in writing and music.

Shirley Smart
For an excellent insight into this year Hang please read Sebastian Scotney's review at

A group of multi-faceted artists shared stories, songs and music of their heritage, in reflection of and response to our current times. The night started with Rick Simpson alongside Kim Macari who wove spoken word with improvised solo trumpet in evocative soundscapes, exploring her roots as a Scottish woman. It brought a tearful response from the audience, with one well-known jazz promoter visibly shaken by the depth of feeling.

Robert Mitchell
Pianist/composer Robert Mitchell (True Think, Alicia Olatuja) presented a poetic response to the Windrush scandal in the pin-drop moment of the evening (himself a child of the Generation) with Shirley Smart on cello (Avishai Cohen, Yasmin Levy).

Tom Cawley
The night culminated with a beautiful set by vocalist Georgia Mancio (Alan Broadbent, Liane Carroll) as she leafed through her intriguing family scrapbook from Europe and beyond. With songs co-written with pianist Tom Cawley (Peter Gabriel, Catenaccio) it was an uplifting end to another successful Hang concert. 

Peter Freeman
A special note to the jazz community who came out in force to support Georgia Mancio. Across the tables at Pizza Express it was a Who's Who of the UK scene. Alongside the pubic and jazz musicians was jazz face and serial gig aficionado Peter Freeman.
Rick Simpson

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Seby Ntege - Love, life, and loss

Lucas Keen

Seby Ntege
Diana Lwanga  
Ben Avison 
Lucas Keen

9th October 2019

Seby Ntege
and tickets for the concert 

The Soul of East Africa with Seby Ntege & Band on this A World in London! 
This Friday October 18th is the opening date for the new season of SOAS Concerts and Seby Ntege with his mighty multi-cult London band are ready to Rock The Campus! Seby’s superb debut album, Five Notes’, which came out last year, took the group on a star-studded journey as they toured from WOMAD to Seby’s hometown at the source of The Nile in Uganda. There’s a multitude of everything with Seby; his gifts and honesty as a songwriter, his prowess with six or more African folkloric instruments, and his dreamcoat palette of musical colours to paint from. This time round on AWIL, now that I was over the excitement  & rarity of even having a Ugandan artist in the studio, I was able to sit back and fully appreciate what a phenomenal and versatile vocalist he actually is. Ultra-skilled, soulful, and bearing the most delicious tones. When you marry up Seby’s vocals with Diana Lwanga’s gorgeous and gilted voice an awesome magic happens, enhanced by dexterous drummer Lucas Keen and Ben Avison on guitar, who do full justice to the multiplex of African rhythms and nuances. Together, Seby Ntege & band are an award-deserving team with a family vibe that gels them in harmony. The material they cover ranges from upbeat dance numbers like Maria Swahili to the poignant tribute song Memories, penned by Seby for his mother who sadly passed away three years ago in October. In this interview, Seby talks about writing from the heart and ‘speaking to everyone’. He does. A new album beckons but meanwhile see Seby Ntege & band in concert at Brunei Gallery SOAS London on Friday and prepare to be moved!! 
Diana Lwanga 

#AWIL 225 Production by Norman Druker Alban Low Sophie Darling & #DJRitu + Resonance 104.4fm & Patrick Bernard on sound. Songs by Seby Ntege & Band Reem Kelani The Scorpios
#London #globalmusic #worldmusic #livemusic #folkmusic #radio #SebyNtege #band #Uganda #Africa #UK #AfricanMusic #music #Luganda #Swahili #FiveNotes #musician #composer #singer #songwriter #BlackHistoryMonth Black History Month UK SOAS East Africa Society Pan African Music Calabash, The UK's African Music Guide Africa Centre Uganda Embassy(Uk) Bantu Club - A melhor balada do tatuapé

Ben Avison

Theo May's Odd Unit - Bull's Head Barnes

Theo May

Theo May: Violins, Composition & Bandleader
Gustavo Clayton-Marucci: Clarinets
Lukasz Niemancewicz: Piano
Ali Watson: Bass
Alex Temple-Heald: Drums

8th October 2019

Ali Watson
Theo May brought his Odd Unit to the legendary Jazz venue at the Bull's Head in Barnes. His Unit are a youthful variation on the Dirty Dozen, about half the size and certainly much cleaner. Playing the Lee Marvin role is Theo May, a firecracker of a violinist, who explodes in fits and bursts of excitement and zeal. His odd-ish unit pass wry smiles between themselves as their leader tilts his bow in a see-saw of musical gallops. Idiosyncratic and effervescent.

Gustavo Clayton-Marucci
Theo May’s original music for Odd Unit is rich weave of Jazz, Folk and Classical music – difficult to pigeon-hole into any one genre, but immediately recognisable and striking in its energy and originality. High octane and fiercely frenetic folk-like dances contrast with dark and mysterious soundscapes and painfully melancholic and lyrical pieces.

Alex Temple-Heald
Brought to life by a fantastic line-up of young players from the London Jazz scene, and led by Theo’s highly individual violin playing, this music is sure to excite and thrill listeners from all musical backgrounds. They have been played on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, and will release their first album next year.
Lukasz Niemancewicz

Thursday 10 October 2019

The Scorpios - A World in London

Mimi Kobayashi

The Scorpios
Adam Bulweski
Mimi Kobayashi
Regia Ishag
Osman Babo
Ronnie Maxwell
Dawid Frydryk
Sue Lynch
Will Roberts
Osman Mohammed

2nd October 2019

Adam Bulweski

No foot stayed still when The Scorpios played live on A World in London! Their infectious Sudanese grooves, funky b-lines & horn section, plus Arabic rhythms had us all bursting to dance, sway, and swing! Lead vocals by Regia Ishag and Osman Babo were mesmerising & spot on, singing mostly uplifting heritage songs from their roots in Sudan. They may have been forced to flee their homeland but in their quest to find safety and freedom they landed in London to colllect an equally talented & international team around them that includes Mimi Kobayashi from Japan on keys, Jamaican bass don Ronnie Maxwell, Polish trumpeter Dawid Frydryk, saxophone from improv pioneer Sue Lynch, Adam Bulewski on guitar, IyatraQuartet's Will Roberts on drums, and fellow Sudanese musician Osman Mohammed on darbuka!

Ronnie Maxwell
EVERYONE loves The Scorpios!!. A new album is scheduled for release in early 2020 and it’ll be debuted on AWIL. Meanwhile, catch them at The Post Bar in Seven Sisters, live on November 23rd alongside Stunflower, Slow Rebelling, and our very own Sophie Darling on the dex, for Same Waves Musicians Series!!

Will Roberts

#AWorldinLondon Resonance 104.4fm #London #globalmusic #worldmusic #livemusic #music #radio #TheScorpios #Sudan #Africa #UK #Japan #Poland #Jamaica #Funk #Soul #ArabicMusic #BlackHistoryMonth @Black History Month UK FOCUS Africa Focus Organization
Dawid Frydryk

Osman Babo

Regia Ishag

Sue Lynch

Monday 30 September 2019

The Phantoms - Half Moon Putney

Mark Gibson
Kevin Rogers
Alun Westoll
Mark Gibson
Jase Biggs
Jonathan Novice  

26th September 2019

Alun Westoll
West London's favourite undead grinders tip the hundred gig marker with a pulsing night of floor stompers at the iconic Half Moon in Putney. A venue that has seen some of the biggest names in rock and pop came alive once again in the skeletal hands of The Phantoms. The five man band resurrected the best of British music with tunes from The Who, The Clash, David Bowie and The Beatles. 

Kevin Rogers
Hailing from Feltham in West London, The Phantoms (originally called ‘The Pheltham Phantoms’) formed in the summer of 2000. Since then they have prowled the dark corners of  music venues in West London and beyond with their spectral musicality. In 2002 they attained the coveted accolade of ‘Best Band in the Civil Service’. 
Jonathan Novice 

Ten years ago the band’s original guitarist, Brian, tragically took his own life so the night had special significance with all proceeds from ticket sales for this gig going to The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the leading movement against male suicide in the UK.
You can still donate now at
Jase Biggs

Tuesday 13 August 2019

CirKT - Alex Brenchley and Graver Ekow

Alex Brenchley

CirKT launches a new live music project offering opportunities for some of the most talented musicians from the South West London area to perform at music venues from August to November this year. CirKT presents a dedicated, packed live music programme, re-igniting a love for nightlife and a passion for live music across this part of London.

The first CirKT night kicked off at The Glasshouse in New Malden on the 8th August 2019 with Alex Brenchley, a quirky off kilter singer-songwriter providing lo-fi acoustic eccentricities (he’s also a cartoonist for The New Statesman) and British Hip Hop duo Graver Ekow with their bouncy and beasty lyricals. 

Coming Up

Thurs 22 August, 7.30pm

Wed 4 September, 7.30pm with Leo Appleyard's Urchin
Reserve your free ticket at

Thurs 19 September, 7.30pm
Graver Ekow
The loss of venue spaces is one of the biggest problems facing London’s live music sector and CirKT has developed an ecosystem style approach to respond to this. Kingston Council was awarded The Mayor of London’s Cultural Impact Award, and CirKT will officially launch its four-month music programme with its final New Talent Call Out, seeking the best of London’s music talent. An eclectic mix of artists have already been chosen, but there are still more places available to receive once in a lifetime professional development, networking support and performance opportunities. Up to three acts will have the opportunity of securing a bursary of £500.

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Joo Yeon Sir - Expression and Confession

Joo Yeon Sir 
Award-winning violin virtuoso & composer Joo Yeon Sir on this A World in London!

Within the first few bars of Joo Yeon Sir’s opening piece on AWIL it became apparent that we were in the presence of greatness. To be honest, we experience that feeling on a regular basis given the great tide of tremendous talent that walks into our studio, but even so, Joo Yeon’s powers of expression and violin virtuosity was extra special. Even more remarkable was her humble confession that she doesn’t yet see herself as a composer, but we’re hungry for more of her original work having heard ‘My Dear Bessie’ which was her first commission. But what of Joo Yeon the performer? Well she’s a multi-award winning musician that has toured the globe, gracing the most prestigious venues in the classical world, and does all of this as a solo artist outside of the orchestral realm. The day we met her she’d just taken a train back from the Lichfield festival with her pianist partner Irina Andrievsky, who also happens to be the only other instrumentalist featured in Joo Yeon’s second and brilliant album, ‘Chaconnes, Divertimento, & Rhapsodies’. Arriving fresh as daisy to give a genuine and candid interview plus live session on AWIL, Seoul born Joo Yeon frequently speaks of her love for the violin, and when she plays it, cradled as a fifth limb, it sings from her heart. Fortunately she was never tasked with having to learn an instrument unwillingly, and instead her amateur pianist mother upon recognising her talent, sought out the best school she could find. That turned out to be the Purcell school in London and so the entire family relocated to the UK when Joo Yeon was just nine. The rest is history and the future is deliciously tantalising – hear all about Joo Yeon on this AWIL – and see her on stage in the capital at St. James Piccadilly on August 23rd! Find her full concert schedule at

10/7/19 – AWIL 218. Online: Production & pics by Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, artist Alban Low. Also this week Sophie Darling & Strut Records’ Quinton Scott at SOAS Radio. Next week Hanitra at SOAS Radio & Samba Azul at Resonance. Download the AWIL Album Wonderland 2018 from #Spotify! Top 50 global CDs handpicked by#AWorldinLondon – Click here:  #TheSoundofDiverseLondon #ConnectingCulturesThroughMusic – thirteen years - #DJRitu. Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio  Online worldwide at #Mixcloud. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @aworldinlondon @djritu1  

Appropriate appropriation - Sophie Darling & Quinton Scott

Sophie Darling

Appropriate appropriation with musician/radio producer Sophie Darling & Strut Records CEO Quinton Scott on this A World in London!

AWIL producer, Sophie Darling, has just compiled a fantastic and innovative chapbook in conjunction with superlative artist Alban Low, titled ‘Darling’s Global Record Labels’. It’s an essential & beautifully illustrated guide to uber-cool labels like Habibi Funk, AnalogAfrica, Teranga Beat, Glitterbeat, and  Far Out Recordings, based on Sophie’s groundbreaking interviews & dissertation for her degree at SOAS. Catch the AWIL team roundtable discussion about crate-digging, vinyl revival, record-collecting, and the unprecedented success of independent labels that are propelling world grooves into the mainstream! Also on this AWIL, an exclusive sneak preview of the forthcoming Strut Records vintage compilation ‘Alefa Madagascar’, brought in by special guest Quinton Scott from Strut Records! Darling’s Global Record Labels chapbook is available from Sampson-Low publishers

Quinton Scott
Also on AWIL this week virtuoso violinist JooYeon Sir at Resonance FM - Listen here:
Next week Hanitra at SOAS Radio and Samba Azul at Resonance FM.
10/7/19 - AWIL 308. #AWorldInLondon is podcast on #Itunes & #Mixcloud: A World In London – #thesoundofdiverselondon#connectingculturesthroughmusic - THIRTEEN YEARS! Live on Wednesdays, 4pm, from SOAS Radio:  and AWIL at Resonance 104.4fm at 6.30pm, repeat Monday 8am, online, DAB & on Resonance Extra 5pm Wednesdays.  Production by #DJRitu, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, and artist Alban Low. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @aworldinlondon @djritu1

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Chocolate Hills - A Pail of Air

Alex Paterson

Chocolate Hills
Alex Paterson
Paul Conboy

26th June 2019 - A World in London, London, UK

Alex Paterson from The Orb and Paul Conboy from Metamono, present their new combo project Chocolate Hills on this A World in London! 

If Chocolate Hills were edible, they would be rich creamy morsels of cocoa and praline with a melt in the middle centre. The kind you take time over whilst contemplating and retreating from the world into a dreamlike state of bliss. That’s how their music is, not rushed and not rushing anywhere. Just laid back and delectable to be savoured slowly.

In this AWIL interview with The Orb’s Dr. Alex Paterson and Metamono’s Paul Conboy, there was so much that got talked about that it’s hard to unpick it for a write up. But conversation flowed about their forthcoming tours which must include churches- the album launch was at Old St Pancras Church. ‘Just 6 dates should do it’ says Paul. Truthfully every show would be unique given the unplanned unpredictable and improvisational nature of how these guys work. Then there were anecdotes about how they met - over a mountain of pancakes cooked up by Paul in Bali. Whatever he’s cooking up relates to his relationship with analogue synths using real and fresh ingredients - only the best will do - while Alex holds on to his vinyl roots and realness. Sampling, looping, blending, mixing and creating - it’s all a natural experience and second nature for Alex and Paul. They spoke about the radio station they run in a local record shop where they can play nonstop music without any speech.
Paul Conboy
Alex casually mentions some of his long-time mates from the music industry - KLF, Andy Weatherall, and of course Killing Joke producer Youth who’s really more like a blood brother to him. Youth’s record label Painted Word is a true home for Chocolate Hills’ debut album in more ways than one. Ravensbourne School of Art graduate Alex designed the cover for ‘A Pail of Air’, and when I asked him about the evergreen appeal of ambient music since the 90s, he replies emphatically: ‘ethereal music that grabs you by the soul. And testicles’.
Catch these two legends, or ‘leg-ends’ as Alex humbly corrects me, together as Chocolate Hills on this AWIL, because these guys are the most delicious sound to come out of south London in years!

26/6/19 – AWIL 216. Online: Production & pics by Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, artist Alban Low. This week Aino Moonga at SOAS Radio, Radio and Youth, Violeta Vicci, and Toby Andersen atResonance. Download the AWIL Album Wonderland 2018 from #Spotify! Top 50 global CDs handpicked by #AWorldinLondon – Click here: #TheSoundofDiverseLondon #ConnectingCulturesThroughMusic – thirteen years - #DJRitu. Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio  Online worldwide at #Mixcloud. Join us on Twitter & Instagram @aworldinlondon @djritu1