Thursday 30 April 2020

All Vinyl A to Z of Africa - Episode 1 - Algeria to Burkina Faso

Lockdown here in London has had its challenges and I've been blessed with a fairly carefree life for the past month or so. Although I have missed my nights sketching in the clubs and nightspots of the capital I've used my time to research my first ever radio programme. Every evening I'm been trying to track down vinyl, records and shellac from Africa, and nearly every day a new package is brought by the postman. I've now managed to find a record from each African country and brought these together in eleven 20 minute programmes on SOAS radio.

Episode 1 is here for you to enjoy -

Our journey begins with records from Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana and Burkina Faso. We meet the Algerian Nightingale, the Angolan Minister for Sport and the Botswanan guitarist who studied in London.

1 – Rabah Driassa – El Mouhdjer (Casaphone)
2 – Ruy Mingas – Birin Birin (Zip Zip)
3 – Joachim Boya & Poly-Rythmo – Bon Week-End (Disques Tropiques)
4 – Hugh Masekela – Stimela (Jive Afrika)
5 – Georges Ouedraogo – RimbalĂ© (Dragon PhĂ©nix)

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