Tuesday 20 November 2018

Nina Miranda and Kadialy Kouyaté - Norman Druker Special

Nina Miranda

14th November 2018
A World in London, Resonance FM, Borough, London

Brazil met up with Senegal on A World In London this week – not on a boat in the mid-Atlantic, but in the Resonance FM radio studio – with two of these countries finest artists creating a musical treat for us.

Kadialy Kouyaté
Nina Miranda and Kadialy Kouyaté have both guested before on AWIL, but never played live together on air. In fact, their first public performance was about ten days ago. On the strength of this, AWIL asked them to recreate it for the listeners of London, and they were both happy to.
Nina told us about her latest album (with one track already a hit in Portugal), and paid tribute to one of her musical influences. Kadialy Kouyaté, meanwhile, continues working on solo projects, collaborations, musical theatre, kora teaching and, thankfully for us, live radio sessions.
As well as having the honour of being in the presence of two great singers and players improvising some haunting and beautiful music together...... I've now met someone who's appeared on Top Of The Pops!

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Stealth - The Real Truth and Nothing But


7th November 2018
St Pancras Old Church, London, UK

Hailing from Birmingham, UK singer/songwriter Stealth crafts highly intimate and powerful blues infused music that reveals the depths of his soul. His strong raspy voice echoes the influence of his idols Howlin’ Wolf and Etta James. Stealth has also been carving a distinct mark on the live scene.

Stealth launched the second single off his forthcoming Chorus EP entitled “Truth Is” at Pancras Old Church in London last week. Stealth elaborated: “This single is one I've been excited about since I wrote it with Michael Angelo and Ali Tennant! Personally it feels like a real step up from some of the other things I've released. It's the first time I've really pushed myself as an artist. Writing a song that is happy for once. Also it's an area of my voice not many people have heard - it adds to the vulnerability of the song which is about a man confessing his true feelings to someone.”

“Truth Is” is available for purchase / streaming now at https://ffm.to/truthis. It can also be found on the FIFA 19 soundtrack alongside Barns Courtney, Billie Eilish, Broods, Childish Gambino, Death Cab For Cutie, Gorillaz, Logic, and many more.

Stealth owes much of his success to his hit single “Judgement Day” which was featured on an episode of US TV series Suits, resulting in a phenomenal reaction on both sides of the Atlantic. The track has racked up over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined and continues to grow everyday. Additionally, “Judgement Day” charted globally in 12 countries on Shazam who described it as “This year’s ‘Take Me To Church.’

Monday 12 November 2018

Tara Lee - Raw and Glistening

Tara Lee

7th November 2018
St Pancras Old Church, London, UK

Singer and actress Tara Lee cites influences from Blondie to Massive Attack, with a healthy respect for songwriters like Tori Amos and Diane Warren. Lee's raw ballads rub against a contemporary edge that is bruised and glistening.
In 2014 she released her debut EP 'Soundtrack' which reached No.4 on the Irish iTunes Albums chart. Although well known for her acting roles on hit TV dramas such as The Fall and Raw, Lee has obvious burgeoning promise, signing a publishing deal with music giants BMG Chrysalis (international clientele includes Kings of Leon and Duran Duran).

Shirley Tetteh - Jazz Award Warrior

7th November 2018
A World in London, Resonance FM, London

Award-winning guitarist & songwriter Shirley Tetteh on this A World in London!

The Jazz world has long been notorious as a male-dominated bastion, so kudos to The Parliamentary Jazz Awards last month for recognising female talent. Amongst the winners were Alison Rayner and her ARQ foursome, and Best Newcomer went to tonight’s guest on AWIL, Shirley Tetteh. A graduate of Gary Crosby’s Tomorrow’s Warriors, Shirley is one the musicians at the forefront of South London’s young & vibrant jazz scene, a member of innovative septet Nerija, as well as the established Jazz Jamaica All-Stars. Playing guitar with Maisha as well as sessioning for Zara McFarlane, Shirley also composes her own songs under her Ghanaian first name Nardeydey, the latest of which – Speedial - has just been released by Lucky Number Music as a single. Speedial is available on digital download in all the normal places, and will be followed on November 9th by Maisha’s debut album, plus a Nerija disc next year. Together on this AWIL we ask what is this thing called jazz anyway? And who is it for? We’ve had two eminent jazz women on AWIL in the last four weeks, and both are Shirleys. Smart for cello, Tetteh for guitar. The future for Nu Jazz feels female-led, and fantastic! 

7/11/18 – AWIL 185  Online: https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/a-world-in-london-7th-november-2018/ Production & pics by Norman Druker, Sophie Darling, Lucas Keen, and artist Alban Low. Also this week new global CDs at SOAS Radio, click: https://www.mixcloud.com/SOASradio/a-world-in-london-276-new-cds/  Next week Minyeshu at SOAS Radio 4pm and Nina Miranda & Kadialy Kouyate at 6.30pm on Resonance. [http://#AWorldinLondon – #ConnectingCulturesThroughMusic – twelve years - #DJRitu! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4  www.resonancefm.com & 4pm SOAS Radio  mixlr.com/soasradio  ]#AWorldinLondon –  #ConnectingCulturesThroughMusic – twelve years - #DJRitu! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4  www.resonancefm.com & 4pm SOAS Radio  mixlr.com/soasradio  .

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Martha L Healy - Lucie's Lounge

Martha L Healy
Martha L Healy
Al Shields
Lucinda Sieger
Rachael Ball

27th October 2018
Lucie's Lounge, Bloomsbury Tavern, 236 Shaftesbury Ave, London WC2H 8EG

Lucie's Lounge is an intimate night where creatives come to enjoy listening and sharing, presenting their music, their art, their poetry. Alan Shields performed some of his own songs whilst also performing with the special Martha L. Healy. The talented Rachael Ball presented her new graphic novel WOLF which is out now and can be spotted in Foyles book shop.

Fellow Glaswegian singer songwriter Martha L Healy who has just released her new album "Keep the Flame Alight". Martha was accompanied by Al Shields on guitar and backing vocals.
The album was written on Martha’s 3-month “life sabbatical” in Nashville in 2016. She returned to Nashville to record the fruits of her labour in October/November 2017, with David Spicher in the producer’s chair. Featuring a host of Music City’s finest session players – including Eamon McLoughlin on fiddle (Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris); Bill Cooley on guitar (Merle Haggard) and Dave Racine on drums (Jim Lauderdale) – the record sees Martha further develop her personal song writing voice.

Al Shields
Al Shields is an Edinburgh-based singer and songwriter, with influences rooted in old-time country, folk and blues music. With a full-length album (Slow Burner) and acoustic EP, Mountains, under his belt, his current record is making waves in the Scottish Americana scene. "Fire On Holy Ground" - which he recorded with his band The Delahayes - has been described as "an excellent EP, Shields convincing as the wounded romantic troubadour while the band all play like seasoned Nashville veterans.” (Paul Kerr, Blabber N Smoke) 

Lucinda Sieger
A fantastic graphic novelist, cartoonist and creative who will be presenting her new graphic novel “WOLF” which has just come out and can be found in Foyles among some of he best in Graphic novels.
After a tragic accident leaves his family bereft, a young boy called Hugo finds his world turned upside down. His new home comes with new neighbours, among them (according to the boy next door) a dangerous recluse who eats children: the Wolfman. Desperate to return to happier days, Hugo draws up plans for a time machine. But only the Wolfman has the parts that Hugo needs to complete his contraption, and that will mean entering his sinister neighbour’s house…Beautifully illustrated in pencil, Wolf is a captivating and poignant exploration of family, grief and that blend of the everyday and the fantastical that is childhood.
“Wolf” By Rachael Ball Hardback £15.99