Friday 14 December 2012

Twickenham's Bloomsbury Set

Lesley Christiane
The locals in the 'King of Portugal' area of Twickenham we're given a glimpse of the future last night (13/12/2012) with the coronation of a new Queen for the vacant throne of Jazz. The Bloomsbury Pub hosted a night of swinging tunes and baritone madness with Lesley and Kelvin Christiane very much the jazz royalty in residence.
Typical of Lesley Christiane (left), she drew the packed audience into her warm embrace, and we all had a fantastic night. She answered our Christmas wishes with the news that she'll be running a regular Jazz night at the Bloomsbury pub in 2013.
Kicking off with Ray Gelato on the 24th January 2013.
She delivered an early Christmas present for me too with her version of 'Dindi', a Jobim favourite.

Kelvin Christiane played flute, clarinet and plenty of sax, especially on 'Bernie's Tune' which resulted in a moment of Baritone frenzy. Alex Hutton was at his best (as usual) - inventive, passionate and intense! 'Lines for Lyons' was a real standout. This was the first time drawing Richard Sadler but I've spotted Noel Joyce before POSK jazz cafe in Hammersmith.

Come and say hello if your coming down on the 24th Jan, I'll be there sketching away

Kelvin Christiane
The Bloomsbury
209 Staines Road

Richard Sadler
Alex Hutton
Noel Joyce

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