Thursday 29 January 2015

Matildaz at The Enterprise

Matilda - Matildaz
It was a runaway train of a night at The Enterprise in London as Matildaz took to the stage last week(23/01/2015). This ploughing beast is no Orient Express, more an industrial hurtler on the tracks, the kind that passes you at breakneck speed and you wonder where it's heading. Who knows how far it will travel or where it will come to rest, but rest assured, no quarter will be given, and no mercy asked.

Matildaz are the duo of Jackson (bass) and Matilda (vocals/drums) who are set to release their new single 'Cupboard Love' on March 2nd 2015. With a UK tour ahead (in part supporting fiery legend Arthur Brown) in Worthing, St Pauls Centre (21st Feb),   Runcorn, The Brindley (26th Feb), Newcastle, The Cluny (27th Feb), Salford, The Eagle (06th Mar) and Brighton, The Prince Albert (16th Apr).

Jackson - Bass
Matilda marked their territory with the first beat of her drum, Jackson was uncompromising and the way words were delivered you feared there was just as much bite behind the barks. The music wasn't all about assault, River 7 was mesmerising like a dark pool, ready to suck you down, it was enticing and elemental, it was hard to resist.

Tyrannosaur did more than bite, it mixed its spilt blood in a cocktail of attitude and desire. Matlidaz didn't sugar their pill, for who wants a spoonful of the stuff to make the medicine go down. We want to taste every bitter morsel because it's time to feed all that Mary Poppins shit to the dinosaurs.


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