Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Daydream Club - Bush Hall

Adam Pickering - The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club charmed the audience at the Bush Hall (16/03/2015) in London with a set of heartening authenticity. The Leicester based duo lived up to their vaunted on-stage chemistry billing but not with a Potassium meets Water moment, something much more fragrant and appealing awaited.

Paula Walker

Adam Pickering and Paula Walker are the couple responsible for both music and dreams, and it was the latter who brought us into their set with tribal rhythmic percussion. Sometimes though it is what she does without instrument in hand that catches the eye and spirit. On The Move was a delicate rounded shape in both their hands, it talked of circles and hollows, holes and rings. Walker's hands turned as she sang, as though tenderly mixing a salad of foraged leaves in an invisible bowl.

Adam Pickering - Melodica
The procession of Adam Pickering's music came to us via the breath and tube of his melodica on English Rain. The charm of its chug was a gentle movement like that of a narrow boat upon a canal. Its long line of narrative was as thin and true as a towpath from Walker. We eased along on the song's still waters and ruminated on the people we passed by. Because we sat low in our boat, it was just their ankles and dogs we glimpsed. It was the kind of song that you enjoy for the guessing and if its not too obvious the daydreaming too.

The finale of their set was Found which roused the packed audience from any reverie, the words sparkier than their sentiment for once. That is not to say warmth was relegated to a bit part, in fact it was affection which took the plaudits and applause at the end.


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