Friday 8 May 2015

Indi and The Vegas - Fair Fight

Indi Forde - Indi and The Vegas
Indi and The Vegas at the Slaughtered Lamb (09/04/2015) gave us a short set that was as easy as a game of throw and fetch. There is a simplicity to frontman Indi Forde's songs that remembers a 1980's desire to get things done without procrastination. Despite the small talk of nostalgic decades there is more modernity and than retro pastiche in this Bedfordshire trio.  'Fair Fight' from their first EP cuts a meaty slice in the hands of Joe the drummer, the right snapping a brush while the bare handed left smacked the box beneath him.

Joe - drums
The dark pit of the venue didn't suit the fizzing trio who retain an optimism that lifts you onto the balls of your feet. Forde formed the band in 2009 alongside friends Joe (drums) and Matt (bass), it is his Jacksonesque bounce that makes you think of the outdoors and a happiness that comes not from nature but from being in the company of others. It is those easy friendships that develop over a blistering summer, forged on the coals of a burning asphalt court and revolving around games that start with balls and rules but end with girls and daydreams.


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