Friday 30 October 2015

Ben Montague - Paradise Found

Ben Montague - piano
Ben Montague launched his second album, 'Back Into Paradise', at St Pancras Old Church in London early this month (01/10/2015). He has just finished a UK wide tour which included two nights alongside Simply Red in Brighton. The album and the night in question further cements Montague in the annals of populist music, where the good guys win and human connections are concrete bridges to a better world.

Ben Montague - guitar
The first impression of Ben Montague reads like a sommelier's notebook detailing a Shiraz's finer points. He was confident and strong, there was crispness, a simplicity but overall a full bodied experience. In fact such was the crowd's jollity you wouldn't be surprised if they had imbibed a few themselves, they sung out loud and smiled at each other conspiratorially.

There was a whip about Ben Montague, he plays his guitar through his shoulders, freewheeling as much as possible and there is no need for the audience to pedal, such is their momentum. His freshness is not unique in the music industry but you cannot help but feel the sting of pure morning air on ripping lungs, and that satisfaction from cool clean mouthfuls of water or new metaphorical births.

Mark Pusey - drums
Both our lead man and drummer Mark Pusey could be happily described as trim, with Montague taking the Haircut 100 plaudits. Their ease at the altar of St Pancras Old Church lent more to a denim spirit rather than that of a hair shirt cassock. There was no self flagellation but there was introspection and after the thick jam spread of 'Haunted' came the simple lines of 'My Father Said', which was as strong and vibrant as Montague's smile and just as genuine.


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