Monday 9 November 2015

Bird - Figments Of Our Imagination

Bird - Janie Price

Venue - The Academicians' Room, Keepers House, Royal Academy of Arts.
Date - 26th October 2015
Album - Figments Of Our Imagination

Sleek totem of enigma, Bird, plays in the cultural hotbed of the Arts. Royal Academicians and the sauvignon intelligentsia crowd together amongst burnished wood panels. Deep rich lines on the walls, on minds, splashes of voice more gentle than counterparts on canvas.

Red velour light, making true the album title Figments Of Our Imagination, sinister edges and spaced out elegance. Girl Can't Decide, pinpricks of light from tiny drilled holes, a total brightness but from a thousand sources.

Red bootlace liquorice, long and sweet. You pull apart her words as though they stick to each other. For a world ever obsessed with all take-away food being 'pulled'. This is the vocal equivalent. Not teeth extraction but those long drawn out breaths so sweet.

Narrative roads, easy and alive. Full spoked wheels, and flashes of a landscape in-between their whirr. The more blurred the better. Better to see the rich hues and the wash in the watercolour of Birds' words.


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