Wednesday 9 December 2015

Old Moot House Jam - Paul Jordanous

Tom Stebbing - drums
Old Moot Jam
Paul Jordanous - keys
Dave Sanders - Saxophone
Tom Stebbing - Drums
Filipe Monteiro - Guitar
Bob McKay - Flute
Dave Harvey - Flute
Roger Perrin - Flute

Dave Sanders -Saxophone
Date - 4th November 2015

Weekly Live Music with 5 piece band, featuring top musicians from the London music scene and beyond.
Wednesdays 8.30pm-11pm
Jazz/ Funk/ Soul/ Pop & more!
Invited guests 2nd Set
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Paul Jordanous - Keyboard
Tonight - 9th December 2015 - Dan Lloyd, Ross Ewart, Quantz, Ramdin, Luke Stenner, Jake Horn and Jackson Mathod.
Each week at The Old Moot House in Kingston you can hear the best London has to offer in funk, soul and especially jazz. The night starts with a first set by a 'house' band. Although this is a moveable feast of personnel it most often than not includes head honcho Paul Jordanous.

Dave Harvey - Flute
After a short break there is a jam which showcases an evolving and informal group of musicians, those that are local, perhaps those recording albums in the capital or having a night off from working in a London musical. Visitors come from further afield and if you are lucky you can catch some fine US. performers too. The best is home-grown though and you are safe in the knowledge that there is a deep well of talent to draw from here in South West London.
Filipe Monteiro - Guitar
I cut my sketching teeth on the now infamous and celebrated Grey Horse Jam whose rich spring of youth bubbled just a few metres away in Kingston. Jordanous was one of my favourites alongside too many names to list here. The Grey Horse Jam was run by a young trio called Partikel who are now celebrated all over the land. Their third album 'String Theory' has been lauded in the press with The Telegraph hailing it as one of the best albums of 2015.
Bob McKay - Flute
Jordanous is no slouch and his talents on trumpet have graced numerous recordings. His debut album 'And Now I Know' is more than worth a listen and a dip into the pocket. There have been rumours over the past years of a second album and lets hope it is not too long. On the night I visited The Old Moot Jam Jordanous featured heavily on keyboard. In the first set he was but a cog in Leo Appleyard's new 'urban beats' machinery with Urchin. I will be writing more about them in the coming weeks as I subsequently sketched them at the London Jazz Festival.
Roger Perrin - Flute
I don't need to write a description of the second set jam, not only do the sketches do the talking but each week there will be a different surprise, the mix of musicians will be always evolving and changing. The London jam, as in most cities, is the barometer of a healthy scene. In years to come these jams will be idolised as fertile grounds of camaraderie and talent, a melting pot of evolving ideas and styles. They exist through a need to play with and learn from one another. Unbelievably we can be the spectators and sometimes curators (with sketches and photographs) of these unique moment just by buying a pint, sitting quietly and being prepared to listen. Don't miss out.

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