Monday 25 July 2016

Gabriella Swallow and her Urban Family - Calais Jungle Crisis (Part 1)

Gabriella Swallow

Note to reader - This was such a large sketching job that I have split the concert into 5 parts.
(Parts 2-5 will be published in due course)

Ian Shaw
Gabriella Swallow - cello
David Maric - piano
Rakhi Singh - violin
Bartoz Glowacki - accordion
Pedro Segundo - percussion
Sally Silver - soprano (Part 2)
Jeremy Silver - piano (Part 2)
Victoria Hamilton - voice (Part 5)
Zara Hudson-Kozdoj - cello
Graeme Flowers Quartet (Part 3)
Ian Shaw
Iyatra Quartet (Part 4)
Lore Lixenberg - mezzo soprano
Richard Thomas - piano
Ruth McGinley - piano (Part 5)
Judith Owen - voice (Part 5)
Mariam Ruestchi - viola

Judith Owen
I was unable to sketch the musicians below -
Will Roberts - percussion
Cerys Jones - violin
Liz Cooney - violin
Helena Smart - violin
Clifton Harrison - viola
Jonny Byers - cello
Rich Philips - cello

Date - 12th July 2016
Venue - The Forge, Camden, UK

David Maric

A diverse and eclectic cellist, Gabriella Swallow has emerged as one of the leading performers on the contemporary music and jazz scene. She is a member of singer/songwriter Judith Owen's band and in the Gwilym Simcock Quintet. On the 12th July she celebrated some of her most exciting musical collaborations in an evening of live music, covering all the genres she loves to play, with her very special 'urban family of musicians'. All of the proceeds of this event supported the Calais Jungle Crisis
The evening at The Forge, Camden directly benefitted the Phone Credit For Refugees And Displaced People charity. This group actively saves lives on a daily basis, by allowing individuals to request their top-up on their page, and they are able to have the all important life-line.... CONTACT with their families and each other.

Bartoz Glowacki
Donate by visiting ...for UK tax payers click gift aid for 20% extra. for non UK tax payer.

A Message from Gabriella, "Please consider donating especially if you couldn't make the gig. This is essential to keep refugees in touch with their families and aid workers."

Rakhi Singh
Bulgarian Tunes (Maric/Singh/Glowacki/Segundo/Swallow)

Hay stack, back cracked as you are bridged over the straw. Head, blood rushing and toes to the sky. The festival beats around you as evening moves into night, the heat of the golden hay still warming from below. The burn of the earth vibrates in your body, a jumping bean. Revellers dance in flickering circles and you lie high above them in the dark. I am king of the world, king of the summer.


Richard Thomas

Lore Lixenberg

Mariam Ruestchi

Zara Hudson-Kozdoj

Pedro Segundo

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