Monday 27 November 2017

Maya Youssef - Qanun of the heart

Maya Youssef

Maya Youssef - qanun

Date - 22nd November 2017
Venue - A World In London, Resonance FM, London, UK

Album - Syrian Dreams (Harmonia Mundi, 2017)

Future performance
January 18th, 2018 - Celtic Connections 25th Anniversary Concert, Glasgow, UK.

Mesmerising conjurer of qanun, Maya Youssef on this A World in London!
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Maya Youssef
You can almost imagine the original advert on a dating app: ‘Qanun, ancient Persian zither seeks 21st century Queen of the heart'. A young girl living in Damascus saw this advert and replied, ‘I will be your heart, your queen, your life-partner, and together we will make beautiful music that will touch the hearts of everyone else’. That girl was Maya Youssef, and thus began a soul-filled romance with her Qanun that has taken the love-struck pair concerting around the world, via seas filled with Syrian Dreams. We first interviewed Maya Youssef in 2012, after she had just moved to London. She was on the brink of new discovery, and her homeland was on the brink of disaster - a lot has happened in the five years since then. Listen to this AWIL to hear one of our most poignant & moving interviews, plus Maya’s emotive & spellbinding compositions from her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Syrian Dreams’. 

Patrick Bernard - Resonance FM Sound Engineer
22/11/17 – AWIL at Res 145  Online:  Production & pics by Sofia Gaetani-Morris, Norman Druker, Sophie Darling & sketches by artist Alban Low. Also this week Latchepen at SOAS Radio:  Next week global music at SOAS. #AWorldinLondon – IN ITS ELEVENTH YEAR! Live on Wednesdays 6.30pm Resonance 104.4 & 4pm SOAS Radio 

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