Monday 23 April 2018

Namvula - A World in London

Namvula Rennie - vocals and guitar

Date: 18th April 2018
Venue: A World In London, Resonance FM, London, UK
Current Album - Quiet Revolutions (2017)

Future performance
18 May 2018 - Winerborne Stickland Hall, UK
19 May 2018 - Broadmayne Hall, UK
25 May 2018 - BBC Biggest Weekend, Perth, Australia
9 June 2018 - Balabam, London, UK
28 July 2018 - Manchester Jazz Festival, UK

Click to Listen to Namvula on A World In London with DJ Norman Druker -

DJ Norman Druker
Namvula Rennie is a cool, thoughtful singer-songwriter whose distinctive fusion style reflects her history. Born in Zambia, with a Zambian mother and Scottish father, she lived in Kenya, Switzerland and the US before settling in London, while taking regular trips back to Africa. Her second album, Quiet Revolutions, shows how she has developed as a confident, soulful performer who can switch effortlessly between from African and European influences. Namvula sings in a bewildering variety of languages, and the lyrics and translations are worth checking out online at

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