Tuesday 15 October 2019

Theo May's Odd Unit - Bull's Head Barnes

Theo May

Theo May: Violins, Composition & Bandleader
Gustavo Clayton-Marucci: Clarinets
Lukasz Niemancewicz: Piano
Ali Watson: Bass
Alex Temple-Heald: Drums

8th October 2019

Ali Watson
Theo May brought his Odd Unit to the legendary Jazz venue at the Bull's Head in Barnes. His Unit are a youthful variation on the Dirty Dozen, about half the size and certainly much cleaner. Playing the Lee Marvin role is Theo May, a firecracker of a violinist, who explodes in fits and bursts of excitement and zeal. His odd-ish unit pass wry smiles between themselves as their leader tilts his bow in a see-saw of musical gallops. Idiosyncratic and effervescent.

Gustavo Clayton-Marucci
Theo May’s original music for Odd Unit is rich weave of Jazz, Folk and Classical music – difficult to pigeon-hole into any one genre, but immediately recognisable and striking in its energy and originality. High octane and fiercely frenetic folk-like dances contrast with dark and mysterious soundscapes and painfully melancholic and lyrical pieces.

Alex Temple-Heald
Brought to life by a fantastic line-up of young players from the London Jazz scene, and led by Theo’s highly individual violin playing, this music is sure to excite and thrill listeners from all musical backgrounds. They have been played on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, and will release their first album next year.
Lukasz Niemancewicz

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