Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Interloper's Guide to Vamdrup (Denmark) ep.1

Join Kevin Acott, Harvey Wells and Alban Low on The Interloper's Guide to Vamdrup (Denmark). Every episode the trio travel to a new location around the world in a quest to capture the spirit of the place. It is a search for the sensation of Hiraeth, a homesickness for a place you have yet to visit. Their experiences don't rely on aeroplanes or long distant travel but a mixture of music and words on this 20 minute programme. In Episode 1 they visit the former border town of Vamdrup in Denmark (population 5,000).

Listen here or follow the link below

The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk (Metronome ‎– B 1615) 1965
Grethe Og Jørgen Ingmann - Avant De Mourir (Metronome ‎– MEP 1116) 1957
Dreamers' Circus - Mormor (Vertical Records) 2018
Erik Paaske - Søren Bramfris lærkesang (FolkArt) 2019
Erik Moseholm - Nuancer (Sonet ‎– SXP 2011) 1958
Raquel Rastenni and the Harlem Kiddies - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Little Beat Records) 2005

Harvey Wells reads Someplace in Europe (author: Benny Andersen/translator: Michael Goldman)
Alban Low's Vamdrup souvenirs.

In Episode 2 we visit Hurlingham in Argentina.
Listen to Alban Low on the A World In London radio programme with DJ Ritu on Resonance FM and SOAS Radio every Wednesday.

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