Monday 17 January 2022

Funk - The Vinyl Thread ep.45

Welcome to The Vinyl Thread with Natalie and Alban Low. This week we have got a fistful of Funk for you, including Funk Rock, Lovers Funk, P-Funk, Instant Funk and Brit Funk. All vinyl, all 7"s. Join us for 20 minutes of vinyl and shellac, we spin flea market finds and auction lots into a themed selection for you to enjoy. 

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Originally broadcast on Radio Nope on the 16th January 2022. Listen to other shows on Radio Nope at

1.Vehicle - The Ides Of March
2. Give It To Me Baby - Rick James
3. Don't Ever Stop (Lovin' Me, Needin' Me) - Parlet
4. Wide World Of Sports - Instant Funk
5. Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
6. Who Is He And What Is He To You? - Ultrafunk

Next week we turn up the heat with a Hot Hot Hot theme.

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