Friday 30 September 2022

The Hot Jazz Vagabonds - Riverhouse Barn


Airlie Scott

The Hot Jazz Vagabonds
Airlie Scott - vocals
Alice Mary Jelaska - clarinet
Leigh Henson - cornet
Andrew Ruiz Palma - guitar
David Ahmed - guitar
Alan Gibson - bass

David Ahmed

Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre
Manor Rd, Walton-on-Thames KT12 2PF

25th September 2022

Paris in a Jazz Age: The Memoirs of Eloise DeFleurs, created and performed by The Hot Jazz Vagabonds. They take you on a journey through the songs, the clubs and the atmosphere of Paris in the jazz age. Painted with the memories of our protagonist Eloise DeFleeurs, played by singer Airlie Scott.

Alice Mary Jelaska

The sold out crowd swapped the right bank of the River Thames for the Left Bank of the Seine, sitting amongst the tables of a Parisian style cafe they were captivated by singer Airlie Scott. She transformed the Riverhouse Barn into the Années Folles, the rich social, artistic, and cultural melting pot that was Paris of 100 years ago.....

Andrew Ruiz Palma

Established London-based jazz musicians The Hot Jazz Vagabonds are a versatile group showcasing  a swinging cocktail of French chanson and gypsy jazz tunes.

Leigh Henson 

Alan Gibson

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