Monday 19 June 2023

Aspyrian - The Pheasantry (Pizza Express Chelsea)

Robin Porter
Jack Gillen
Matt Parkinson

14th June 2023
The Pheasantry (Pizza Express Chelsea)

to explore (vol. 1)’ is the debut album from London-based trio, ‘Aspyrian’, featuring long-standing friends and collaborators Robin Porter on tenor and soprano saxophone, Jack Gillen on guitar and Matt Parkinson on drums. The album title is the translation of the band name – an old English word – and reflects the band’s approach to playing and creating music together. Whilst this particular ensemble only formed in 2021, the relationship that binds these three musicians has been nurtured in a range of other musical contexts since they met at Leeds Conservatoire over ten years ago. The result is a shared musical language that allows the trio to interact on a profound level.

All seven tracks on the album are original compositions – three written by Robin and four by Matt – which collectively exhibit a broad range of styles. Make no mistake however, this album has a cohesive sound that is enchantingly original, devoid of clich├ęs and true to the band’s shared experiences.

This debut album from the band – whilst still paying homage to a growing tradition of sax, guitar, and drums line-up – is a bold and individual record that firmly places the band’s sound in the present day. ‘Aspyrian’ are immensely grateful and honoured to have been awarded the Help Musicians UK Record/Release Fund in 2022, which has not only supported the recording/manufacturing costs but also provided valuable business advice sessions to help the group better understand the release process.

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