Sunday 2 July 2023

All Vinyl A to Z of Africa (Season 2 - Ep.7) - Madeira to Mauritius

Welcome to the All Vinyl A to Z of Africa (Season 2) with Natalie and Alban Low. Our aim is to track down a vinyl record from all 60+ African countries, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between. Each week we feature 5 countries, this week it is Madeira, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, and Mauritius. Musical instruments that appear in this episode include the Mangolongondo (log xylophone) and a Hoddu (a four string lute). This programme is part of the A World in London family of radio programmes. Listen to the 1st series on SOAS Radio.

Listen to episode 7 here -

1. Maria Da Fé - Madeira dos Meus Encantos
2. Maguluve Kumala Imanga - Waisoni Msusa
3. Salif Keita, Ambassadeur International - Mandjou
4. Toucoleur - Fantang
5. Yoyo - Can Can

Next week it's our diaspora special as we head to Mayotte, Melilla, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia and around the world.

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