Wednesday 26 November 2014

Samuel Eagles Quartet - Next Beginning launch

Samuel Eagles - Alto Saxophone
Eric Ford - drums
The Samuel Eagles Quartet kick-started their new album with a packed launch party at the EFG London Jazz Festival earlier this month (16/11/2014). Although this was a lunch time gig at the Pizza Express in Soho the capital's jazz night owls had been attracted to this doubleheader from record label F-IRE.

Ferg Ireland - Bass
The quartet smashed into their first tune, neither saxophonist Samuel Eagles nor drummer Eric Ford holding themselves back. It was an uncompromising clarion call to all those, young and old, who thirst for this new brand of original composition that bubbles away on the current British jazz scene.

'We were meant to be' preceded second tune 'Remembering myself', here Samuel Eagles mixed his rich hued Mediterranean motifs with the legendary cowbell of Eric Ford. If I were to remember myself while listening to this music then I would imagine that I had been reborn a Moor. While the other spelling of Moorish would also be applicable here too. The serene and unflappable Ferg Ireland brought our revery to an end with a solo that exercised his comprehensive talent.

Samuel Eagles' writing is melodic and aspirational, this is an expressive debut release from a young man who knows when to throw himself into the fray and when to stand back. In fact its is one of his signatures, when his lines are exhausted and complete he steps back to enjoy the men around him. I even had the time to sketch him in repose rather than on the attack.

Ralph Wyld - Vibraphone
The album's title track 'Next Beginning' was the tune of the set. Ireland (bass) once again gave us his melodic edge and combined with Ford (drums). They elevated the swing until it became the joyous. Ralph Wylde swayed too on vibes and the threesome skipped along together. Meanwhile Eagles stood on the sidelines, smiling broadly as the young vibesman danced his sticks.

The Pizza Express, Soho was a playground for the Samuel Eagles Quartet on this day. The future that lies before them is now merely an obstacle to enjoy, a climbing frame from which to throw themselves with enthusiastic abandon.


For a comprehensive review of the album please read Adrian Pallant at

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