Thursday 25 June 2015

Jeeps - Edvina Fahlqvist & Glen Strachan

Edvina Fahlqvist
The short set of London duo Jeeps evoked such deep meaning and pathos in the bowels of Surya (28/05/2015) that it didn't go undetected on minds worthy of expression and imagination. Although they were eventually joined by singer Camille Alexander from Parisian band OVER it was the exchanges between Glen Strachan and Edvina Fahlqvist that spur these words.

Glen Strachan
The lyrics and delivery of Glen Strachan talk of a moor landscape, a Pennine world not of Heathcliff but even more dark and modern. Although Edvina Fahlqvist sports a fringe a la Hindley (Myra) still do not be deceived, references to buried children are not included. There is a reedy whip to the music of Jeeps, the burr of their tone rubs into the skin, the themes discordant as they seep into bone and lung.

The friction of Jeeps is long overdue for this flea bitten animal. They are the fence to scratch an irritated hide against and the branch that wears against its kin, perhaps the self harm of Nature itself. It is a man's landscape though that implores exploration. Glen Strachan's theatre is the lamplight that pools on green settees and sucks you in like the quicksand of shagpile dreams.


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